Animal Shelters including Chicken Coops for Sale in TN

The Quaker Chicken Coop

Our chicken coops are built for more than keeping your animals in and the predators out. They are also designed to make your backyard look good. Now you can have a good looking structure in your backyard as well as have fresh eggs a few steps away from your kitchen. Call us at (270) 726-7948 to learn more and how to get started with your backyard chicken coop.

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The Barn Style Chicken Coop

The biggest difference the barn style chicken coop houses and the quaker style is the roof. This quaker style coop has the saltbox roof style of it close cousin, the quaker shed while the barn style has the multi-pitched gambrel roof. The quaker coop has more class while the barn style looks…well like a barn. Either way with the mounted nesting boxes you can have fresh eggs at your backdoor.

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animal shelters including hen houses for sale in KY
horse shelter shed for sale in ky

The Horse Barn

Do you need a shelter for your horse, goat, sheep, or other livestock? Our horse barns are designed and built to accommodate your animals. They are built to provide shade during the summer and warmth during the winter. Besides protecting your animals they are also built to be protected from your animals. Each stall is lined with kickboards for a long lasting animal barn. Check out our blog post about Eight Reasons to Buy a Horse Run-In Shed.

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Benefits of these Animal Barns

Our chicken coops and horse barns are built to provide housing for your animals as well as add a bit of spice to your farm, backyard or backwoods. From the smallest chicken coop to the largest horse run in, these portable buildings are built to last and designed to add beauty to their surroundings. We produce our outdoor storage buildings and shelters with both durability and aesthetics in mind.

Horse Barns

chicken coop and horse head in a horse barn window A horse barn can simply improve the environment of your pasture area. With a wide open pasture, it can be nice to have a beautiful building to break up the monotony. Besides it makes a great place for your animals to rest and be safe.

These barns also serve a very practical purpose. Upon request we add a tack room. This gives you a nice place to store your feed and other animal supplies. It also keeps your equipment and supplies clean and dry and keeps your animals from getting into things they should not get into. Really you get what you would with a big barn except on a smaller scale. Besides there is a lot less cost.

Furthermore we build our barns to be useful. They are made to make your life better as well as the lives of your livestock. They are designed to add flavor to your life experience.

Chicken Coops

Check out this video to see how backyard chicken eggs are much better!

Do eggs from backyard chickens really taste better?


We take pride in each structure (prefab cabin, shed, prefab garage, and more) that we build. We are here to help you find the design and quality you need; we wish to help you find something that is simple, affordable, and durable.

For more ideas feel free to check out our horse barn and chicken coop design ideas page.

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