Uniqueness of The Barn Shed

Are you looking for a compact and simple BARN SHED? This shed is unique in this way. Most or all of our other storage buildings have either a bit more room or they have a bit  more style. However this distinctness does not make the barn shed less of an outdoor shed. In fact it could be considered a better option for your storage needs. It is the storage building for maximizing space. It does not take up much space in the yard but yet offers lots of space. It is not very high yet roomy for garden and lawn tool storage. The barn shed is a great way to have the storage space you need without taking up too much backyard lawn space. If you are looking for an economical portable building, this is the way to go.

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An Affordable Barn Shed

The unique feature of this barn shed is that is it economical. By this we mean economical cost-wise. It takes less time and material to build. This does not mean a cheaper product. In fact the quality is still Overholt & Sons quality. Rather it means that you as the customer get a cheaper outdoor storage buildings with higher value. It is designed for the cost conscious and space conscious customer.

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Space Utilizing Barn Shed

This BARN SHED is economical price wise but it is also economical with its space. It take us less height and width in your yard. The gambrel roof design makes use of the “supposed” ceiling/attic area. First it is spacious. Secondly the rafters take up very little room. Thus you get more inside space without using up outside space in your backyard.

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Competitive Prices

We work hard to make quality buildings at competitive prices. That means we value being economical. This helps us keep our cost down, which in turn affects our customers. We work to serve you well.

Our barn shed prices start at $77.08 per month or $1,495 for a one time payment. Additional things affecting prices are features, size, etc. We are here to help you find the outdoor storage building you need for your backyard.

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Barn Shed Prices

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Quality of the Barn Shed

We work very hard to make your Barn Shed one that will last for years. Of course we try to make your shed affordable. We hire and train our employees to build efficiently. This keeps costs low. However this does not mean that we give you a cheaper shed. It only means that we provide you with a quality barn shed at a good price. We also try to keep our storage buildings simple. However that does not mean simplistic. Rather we go for a design that is simple yet beautiful. This also keeps costs low and your shed affordable. Nonetheless as previously mentioned this does not mean we compromise quality. The barn sheds that we build are durable and meant to last for years. We aim to keep costs low but quality high in each storage building.

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Other Outdoor Shed and Storage Building Options

We have a full line of storage sheds and other backyard buildings. This includes prefab garages as well as prefab cabins. Plus we offer kids outdoor playhouses, gazebos, and even animal shelters for your chickens and horses.

Feel free to check out our galleries and our storage shed ideas page. On this page and our additional ideas pages for cabin design ideas and backyard shed designs in KY & TN you can browse for inspiration and to help you think of the possibilities for your shed like she shed in your backyard.

Contact Us anytime about our portable buildings in KY and TN. We are here to help and give you a pleasant experience and we delight in providing sheds for sale that exceeds your expectations. At Overholt & Sons Inc we come alive to make you thrive

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