The Gingerbread Playhouse

These kids’ playhouses encourage your children to spend more time outdoors away from indoor digital entertainments. The gingerbread is featured with a cute style. The roof is steeper, the walls lower and the trim a delightful scalloped finish, giving the playhouse an adorable feel and your child more fun. CALL US (270) 726-7948 with additional questions regarding a kids outdoor playhouse.

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The Cottage Playhouse

Add a treat to your backyard for your kids with one of our perfect-sized-for-kids outdoor playhouse. Smaller than our other outdoor storage buildings, these playhouses are built with 6 foot high sidewalls, two cute little windows, shutters, a small flower box and more. They make for great children’s fun. Call Us at (270) 726-7948 with your questions regarding a fun and custom playhouse.

outdoor playhouse ideas in russellville ky

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The Kids Outdoor Playhouse


When we build an OUTDOOR PLAYHOUSE we use the same basic materials and layout as we do with our other buildings. However the dimensions of the playhouse are scaled down to a smaller size. For example the cottage style playhouse has only 4′ high side walls as opposed to 6′ side of the deluxe storage sheds or the A-roof wood shed. The gingerbread style has even shorter walls at about 3″ high. Also, the porch size is smaller on the playhouses. It usually measures about 4′ deep as opposed to 6′-8′ for the prefab cabins and our other portable buildings. In essence, we just make everything smaller and cuter when we build for your kids. talking about the kids have you considered a chicken coop for your family to eat some healthy eggs? Check out our chicken coops page and see for your self, you might see something you like!

Fun & Personal Space

Just as you can enjoy your personal space in a hunting cabin or an office or living quarters in a stylish shed or a garage, so these playhouses are built to for your children’s enjoyment. 

fun kids outdoor playhouse
It is a great place for them to have their space to play and call their own.

We build these structures so that they can easily be finished and made nice inside. It is fairly easy to make them as nice like living quarters and make it look like a room in your house. You can customise it to your likings…or more accurately to your kids’ likings. The options are basically limitless. You can have something as simple as you want or you can have a very elaborate building for your kids. We focus on making these playhouses fun for your kids.

However not only are they built to be fun for your kids, they can also be fun for you. Imagine playing peek-a-boo, enjoying a game of hide-and-seek, or having a mini tea party. It may be a great way to take your relationship with your kids to the next level. You as the parent can enjoy it as much as your little people. The idea is that you, your child, and in fact your whole family can enjoy life and each other.


It is our pride and joy to help you find the building that you need. Each portable storage buildings that we build we do so with quality in mind. We want to see you find what you need. We use quality materials and we employ skilled craftsmen. It is our goal to find a good building for you.

Additional Ideas & Helps

We have compiled some of our work and pulled together some ideas for you if you are still trying to decide what you want. Check out our playhouse ideas here or check out some ideas from other sources. We are here to help you on your journey. Feel free to contact us during normal business hours.

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