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The showroom at Southern Outdoor Furniture – Auburn, Kentucky know that folks often need more than a just a dining table. If you’re want to still keep your valuable items. So do your lawnmower, bicycles, collectibles, outdoor furniture, and equipment! That’s just one reason why storage sheds are so useful, and who are thinking about a long-term solution and you’re in Auburn, you’re in good hands with Custom Quality Buildings from Overholt & Sons Storage Buildings and Gazebos.

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Our Sales Lot for Gellatin TN Sheds

Southern Outdoor Furniture
45 Montgomery Exit, Hwy 68/80
Auburn KY 42206
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More about Overholt & Sons’ Gellatin Sheds

A family owned and operated small local business, Overholt builds and delivers sheds, garages, cabins, and other storage buildings to happy customers throughout southern Kentucky and northern Tennesee. If you’d like to get a quote for a custom building directly from Overholt & Sons request a quote online.

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Charlie Taylor Homes: Sheds and More in Auburn, Kentucky

Stop by at Southern Outdoor Furniture for a tour of the various in and outside furniture they have in store, or to discuss your unique shed or garage requirements. If you’re looking for more than a Shed in Auburn, KY, Charlie Taylor Homes will gladly assist you with affordable custom furniture as well. With over 20+ years of experience, they can build, repair, and insure all of your manufactured home needs.

Southern Outdoor Furniture
45 Montgomery Exit, Hwy 68/80
Auburn KY 42206
United States of America
Phone: (270) 542-7223