Our premium quality storage sheds will allow you to clean up your backyard and optimize your space. These storage sheds can be used to protect valuable outdoor equipment and help you organize your life. With many styles and colors to choose from, we will work closely with you to create customized portable storage buildings that will fit with your personal style and compliment your backyard.

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After spending yet another cold morning cleaning snow off of your car, you decide it’s time to buy a garage. Your car needs shelter and protection, and you need a break from this miserable morning ritual. Our garages are portable buildings, giving you the freedom to choose the most convenient location on your property for garage placement. With your customized garage protecting your car, you’ll come to enjoy cold mornings instead of dreading them.

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Add a space for summer relaxation and increase your property value at the same time by placing a beautiful customized gazebo in your backyard. The classic shape will evoke the lazy sentiments of summer, providing shade and a location to gather with friends and family. We’ll work closely with you to help you figure out what style you’d like, and the portable building can easily be moved to the location that best suits your landscaping.

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A backyard cabin creates a quaint, secluded living space. If you have a wooded area on your property, a cabin can provide a miniature wilderness retreat for when you want to get away from it all. This portable building can also be used as a guest room or backyard office. If you’re looking for a comfortable living space that’s private and separate from your home, a cabin could be right for you.

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As a child, nothing is better than getting outdoors and playing house. As an adult, a playhouse can serve not only as a quaint addition to a backyard, but also as a place to contain a child’s play area, letting them make as much of a mess as they wish. With plenty of styles and colors to choose from, you can customize these portable buildings to both compliment your backyard and make your child happy.

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Cattle Shelters

Your cows need shelter and protection from the elements, and we can provide a cattle shelter designed to cater to those needs. Your shelter will be a portable building, and as such, can be moved around to different pastures if needed. Your cows will appreciate the comfort, and you will appreciate the high quality of the shed and the superior customer service at Overholt Storage Buildings.

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Chicken Coops

Now that you’ve decided to keep chickens, your first priority is to make sure they are safe and comfortable. Still, you want a chicken coop that isn’t a complete eyesore. Thankfully for you, our chicken coops are both functional and stylish. The portable buildings are designed with classic, pleasing shapes, and you’ll have your pick from plenty of color options. But besides looking great, they’ll keep your chickens comfortable and protect them from predators.

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