Shed Delivery and Hauling in Kentucky and Tennessee!

Are you searching for answers to questions like, “Can a shed company offer a delivery service? How does a shed even get delivered? What if my prepared location is in a tight area without easy access for the delivery equipment? How far do they deliver? How much does it cost to get my shed delivered?” and so… We are proudly sharing our shed delivery details with you and hoping to answer all your questions.

If you already bought a shed from Overholt & Sons, you would know how easy and quick the delivery process is. However, if you are a first-time shed buyer and curious if it is even possible to get a shed delivered to your desired location, the answer is yes! You will be pleasantly surprised with the efficiency of our shed delivery equipment!

Important Note: We do not offer site preparation! We set the building onto concrete pads, gravel pads, or grass. We provide our concrete blocks to ensure that the building is level. We recommend and suggest some local, well-known site preparation contractors to help you find the best-possible site preparation solution. Customers are also responsible for permits and site access.

Here Is How It Works!

We offer free pre-built shed delivery services in the Kentucky and Tennessee area within 70 miles of our manufacturing location or 25 miles of our dealer’s lot. If service is needed beyond 70 miles, there will be an additional charge per mile depending on the size of the building being delivered. Once you make a purchase, our shed builders will begin to build your new shed. After this we will start the delivery process.

Shed Delivery And Hauling In Tennessee And Kentucky

We use different types of equipment depending on the building’s size and style:

  • 1-ton flatbed truck; for the smaller structures.
  • 25’ tilt-bed trailer; for the larger buildings.

Typically, we back onto the property and slide the building off our truck or trailer directly where the customer wants it placed. If space is tight and we cannot enter the property with our truck or trailer, we have a small shed mover that can move easier in tight areas. The little shed mover allows us to maneuver the building through tight spaces that the truck cannot enter.

What About On-Site Installation?

If our delivery experts cannot get your building to the prepared location with either our truck or shed mover, we will use our “on-site installation” process. What is on-site installation? Your shed will still be partially prefabbed, such as the walls, floors, doors, windows, and other pre- built features. However, we will install the pre-built parts of the shed together at the prepared location. It is important to note, that while all on-site constructions have additional fees, we do offer free site estimates and advice beforehand if your location is within a reasonable radius from our physical lot. It applies to most of our sheds such as The Barn Shed, Deluxe Barn Shed, A-Roof Shed, Quaker Shed, The Lancaster Shed, and Two Story Shed

How Long from Shed Purchase to Delivery?

Shed Delivery In Tennessee And Kentucky

Our delivery process usually begins within 4-12 weeks after the purchasing date. However, for the most accurate turnaround time give us a call. Your expected delivery day depends on how busy we are with fulfilling orders at the time and may vary due to this factor.

Our Shed Moving Services

While deliveries are our top priority, we also offer a shed moving service. This moving service is available to the buildings constructed by Overholt & Sons, Inc. Whether you need your shed drove several miles across town or relocated within the same yard, if we can get our truck or shed mover to the building, we are at your service. Our shed moving fees are determined by the building’s size, the location, and how far it needs to be moved. Customers should call or email pictures of the building they wish to have moved. Then we will give them a price if the move is something that we can do.

16x32 Pre Built Sheds Being Delivered in Kentucky

Ready to Partner with You!

Our shed delivery professionals are more than happy to answer any further questions about the shed delivery process. We want to help you find the best delivery solution for your new building. Let’s talk about your shed delivery project and find the best way to get it to your desired location!


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