Quaker Garden Shed

This is no simple and cheap wood shed built on a production line. It is a durable shed built with quality workmanship and quality materials. We employ people who are good with their hands. They give the shed the personal touch it needs and pay attention to the details needed to make your quaker garden shed long-lasting. Get a superior garden shed today!

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outdoor building structures for sale in ky
outdoor building structures for sale in ky

What Makes the quaker garden shed unique?

Are you looking for a piece of aesthetic beauty to add to your backyard or garden space? The Quaker Garden Shed is perfect for that. It is built to be decorative in your garden as well as accomplish its job as storage space. It has a wider overhang which enhances its sense of openness and invitation. Far from the normal roof, this saltbox roof gives the shed a unique flair. We even offer upgrade options to add ornamental cupola, some cute flower boxes, and window shutters. Consider this elegant and stylish storage shed if you are looking to spice up your backyard.

Quaker Shed Inventory

Competitive Prices

We work hard to make quality quaker garden sheds at competitive prices. That means we value being efficient. Being efficient helps us keep our costs down, which in turn affects our customers. We work to serve you at good prices.

Additional things affecting prices are features, size, etc. We are here to help you find the outdoor storage building you need for your backyard, for the a good price.

Quaker Shed Prices

Starting at:


or $2,345 for a one time payment
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A spacious garden shed

What sets this shed apart from the competition is its elegance. However, that does not mean it doesn’t have plenty of usable space. Although it does not boast the whopping space of the deluxe barn or the compact and efficient space of the barn shed, it wipes the floor with its looks. The asymmetrical saltbox roof can go up to 11′ high. This gives you plenty of space on the floor as well as in the ceiling area. This shed is built for style but also space.

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What can I use my Garden Shed For?

The quaker shed is designed as a beautiful storage solution. It makes a great combo for bringing together charm and usefulness. The following are some ideas and a variety of ways it can be used:

  • Garden Tool Storage
  • She-Shed
  • Backyard Storage
  • Lawn Equipment Storage
  • Backyard Centerpiece
  • Pool House
  • Gym
  • Tool Shed

Uses for the quaker garden shed exceed the uses named in the list above. These sheds can be altered to your liking. We build the structure with the basics and leave the inside bare. This leaves room for interior finishing and customizing. So set your shed wherever you want it, alter it however you like it, and add whatever you wish. This garden shed is a DIYer's dream come true! Contact us today to learn more!

Other Wood Storage Sheds and Options

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Contact Us anytime about our portable buildings in KY and TN. We are here to help and give you a pleasant experience. We delight in providing a shed for sale that exceeds your expectations. At Overholt & Sons Inc we come alive when you thrive