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The Barn Storage Building

Do you need an uncomplicated yet good-looking STORAGE BUILDING in your backyard? This barn building is basic yet complete. It is built to be affordable yet roomy. Its gambrel style is designed to do its job of shedding water while still providing a lot of room. Plus the gambrel style roof looks attractive. Far from a simple, slapped together building, it is decorative yet affordable and useful.

The Quaker

Spice up your storage shed with transom windows, shutters, and a flower box. In addition check out the options for a solid color or other unique colors on your door to make it stand out. These Quaker style outdoor storage sheds adds an aesthetic flair to your backyard with its asymmetrical roof and its stylish overhang in the front. Call Us at (270) 726-7948 to learn more.

The A-Roof

Choose the A-roof storage building as a place to store and protect your garden tools, lawn care equipment and supplies, backyard appliances and more. This building is great for a basic storage unit that works yet is ornamental in your backyard retreat area. It’s A-roof is not as steep as a more deluxe building however it is designed to please the eye. CALL US TODAY TO LEARN MORE! (270) 726-7948. 

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The Deluxe Barn

Do you want a roomy storage building that is a step or two up from the basic barn storage building? This deluxe barn is great for for its spacious inside and fancy outside. Take your building a step further and add cedar stain and lasting metal roof. Go even further with big double doors or a garage door and an access ramp. Contact us–(270) 726-7948–at our office for portable buildings in KY.

The Lancaster

The possibilities are endless when designing an outdoor storage shed. Whatever your needs are we, at Overholt & Sons, are here to help you with your storage needs. This deluxe Lancaster building, with a steeper roof than the A-roof storage building, is built to look attractive and decorative. CALL US at (270) 726-7948 to find out more about our line of outdoor buildings.

The Two Story

Only one thing can limit you on your brand new outdoor storage building, namely your imagination. You can use it for storage without taking up a lot of space in your backyard. You can even turn it into an office, a living space, a garage/house, and more. Together with our storage shed ideas, trained staff, and your ideas we can build a two-story building that fits your needs.

It is our pride and joy to help you find the building that you need. Each storage building, prefab garage, gazebo, prefab cabin, outdoor playhouse, and animal shelter that we build, we build with quality in mind. We want to see you find what you need. You can even check out our storage shed ideas to help you along.