This is my 2nd purchase & review of Overholt & Sons. I was very satisfied w/my first purchase, a Lancaster in December 2019, and I still am very satisfied. In October I ordered the Deluxe Barn Garage and it was delivered in 7 weeks. I did not think I could be more impressed w/the way Overholt & Sons conducts business. Again, the product and the people are awesome. It’s built tight and it’s beautiful. We got the metal roof and I absolutely love the looks of it on this building. We also ordered the U-shaped loft and a work bench. The set-up was so professional and they made it look easy…lol. It was lined up exactly the way we wanted it and it looks stunning. I can’t say enough how satisfied and happy I am with this business and it is my intention to return again as a customer with Overholt & Sons.