Chicken Coops

A chicken coop doesn’t just benefit you, but your chickens as well. Whether you’re raising backyard chickens or are an experienced farmer, chicken coops provide protection, comfort, and safety for your chickens. This is especially true if there is no rooster amongst your flock. These benefits give your chickens piece of mind which leads to a stress-free environment. This leads to healthier lives for your chickens who will be able to produce more eggs.

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Quaker Chicken Coops

Our Quaker Chicken Coops have a certain aesthetic that can’t be matched. With a beautiful decorative look, the Quaker model will fit right in your backyard, complementing your home and your land. With its unique saltbox roof style, it has one of the most attractive and symmetrical appearances possible. If you want a more decorative chicken coop, the quaker model chicken coop is the right choice for you. 

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Barn Style Chicken Coops

The biggest difference between the barn-style chicken coops and the quaker style is the roof. The quaker style coop has the saltbox roof style of its close cousin, the quaker shed while the barn style has the multi-pitched gambrel roof. The quaker coop has a classier, more decorative look while the barn style looks like your traditional barn. Whichever design you choose to go with, the quality will not change. The Quaker Style Shed and the Barn-Style Shed will immensely improve your flock’s health.

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Chicken Coop Inventory

Chicken Coop Prices and Sizes

We work hard to make every outdoor structure at competitive prices. Being economical helps us keep our costs down, which we pass on in savings to you, our customer. We work hard to serve you honestly and fairly.

Additional things affecting prices are features, size, etc. We are here to help you find the outdoor storage building you need for your backyard, for a good price.

Chicken Coop Prices

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Why Choose Overholt for Chicken coops?

Overholt works hard to ensure that our outdoor structures are built and delivered with the highest quality. We have been in this industry for over 40 years and nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction. We can help you design a chicken coop that will help your flock thrive and one you won’t regret buying. Take a look at our list of extensive color options and features to get the most out of your chicken coop!

Top Quality Chicken Coops

We take pride in each structure (cabins, sheds, garages, and more) that we build. We are here to help you find the design and quality you need; we wish to help you find something that is simple, affordable, and durable. For more ideas feel free to check out our horse barn and chicken coop design ideas page.