The Quaker Chicken Coop

Let’s be perfectly clear, we don’t build the cheapest chicken coops in the industry, but we believe that we manufacture and provide the best-possible chicken coops in the area! Choose a chicken coop design for your animals in order to keep the predators away from your chickens. It will also increase the look of your property while providing a safer and healthier living space for your chickens.

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The Barn Style Chicken Coop

The biggest difference the barn style chicken coop houses and the quaker style is the roof. This quaker style coop has the saltbox roof style of it close cousin, the quaker shed while the barn style has the multi-pitched gambrel roof. The quaker coop has more class while the barn style looks…well like a barn. Either way with the mounted nesting boxes you can have fresh eggs at your backdoor.

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Why buy a chicken coop from Overholt?

Enjoy Better-tasting Eggs

Do eggs from backyard chickens really taste better?

Check out this video to see how backyard chicken eggs are much better!

Choose Top Quality Coops

We take pride in each structure (prefab cabin, shed, prefab garage, and more) that we build. We are here to help you find the design and quality you need; we wish to help you find something that is simple, affordable, and durable.

For more ideas feel free to check out our horse barn and chicken coop design ideas page.

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