Horse Barns

Our prefab horse barns are great for any kind of horse, as well as llamas, donkeys, or alpacas. Most of us are blessed to be able to come to a clean, and safe home where we can come after a long day, decompress, and have our quiet moments. These homes also protect us from the natural elements that can be cruel and violent. Without a home, life can’t be healthy. These same rules apply to our horses. They deserve a healthy and happy life as well. This is why Overholt and Sons offers high-quality, durable, and attractive horse barns for your horses.

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High-Quality Horse Barns in KY

if you need a home for your horse, llama, sheep, or other livestock? Our horse barns are designed and built to accommodate your animals. They are built to provide shade during the summer and warmth during the winter. If you have an especially feisty horse, these barns are not built just to protect your animals. They are also built to be protected from your animals.  Each stall is lined with kickboards for a long-lasting and durable animal barn.

Horse Barn Inventory

horse barns for sale in ky

Benefits of Horse barns

A horse barn can simply improve the environment of your pasture area. With a wide-open pasture, it can be nice to have a beautiful building to break up the monotony. Besides, it makes a great place for your animals to rest and be safe. Our Horse Barns in Kentucky are built with a beautiful look but this does not take away from their practicality. There are lots of customizable options like a tack room. This gives you a nice place to store your feed and other animal supplies. It also keeps your equipment and supplies clean and dry while keeping your animals from getting into trouble. 

It all boils down to having an outdoor horse barn without it taking up too much space as a big barn would. Another benefit to these horse barns is that you’d be paying considerably less than what you would for a giant barn. You would still get all the luxury at a lower price. We build our barns to be useful. They are made to make your life better as well as the lives of your livestock. They are designed to add flavor to your life experience.

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Why Choose Overholt and Sons for a Horse Barn Shed?

Here at Overholt and Sons, our priority is not just selling an outdoor structure and making a profit. Not only do we build our horse shed barns to benefit our customers, but we also care about your animals. Your horses are loyal and calm animals who are by your side, this is why they deserve a home where they can thrive and serve you better. We provide the highest quality horse shed barns in Kentucky and Tennessee. You can rest easy when you buy a horse barn shed from Overholt and Sons. Craftsmanship, professionalism, and customer experience are some of our values and our buildings are shaped by them.

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