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Our horse run-in shed and chicken coop designs and ideas are here to help you find what you need. Whether you are looking for a dog house, a horse run-in, a chicken coop, or more, we share our animal shelter buildings’ experience and expertise by offering our photos and ideas. You are welcome to browse the photos and explore our thoughts. We also offer pricing and a FREE Quote. Please feel free to benefit from our ideas and services. Check out this blog post about Eight Reasons to Buy a Horse Run-In Shed for more ideas.

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Horse Run-In Shed

A Horse run-in shed is more than a roof over the head of your horse. You can customize it and add a tack room, a feed room, and more. In fact, the Horse Run-In Shed can be used as a barn. Set it out in your pasture along with all your other horse equipment and supplies.

These barns are also great for other animals such as cows, ponies, and even goats and sheep. Tell us what you want and we can build the HORSE RUN IN SHED you need. Our Outdoor Storage Buildings can be used for various types of storage, however, this horse run-in shed can be used as a storage building and an animal shelter at the same time.

Chicken Coop Designs

Our chicken coop designs come with a variety of options in many shapes and sizes. Whether a barn style, a quaker style, or an A-frame style, you can use them in your backyard, in your backwoods pasture, or any other grassy area where you want your chickens to roam or clip the grass. With these coops, you can get eggs that are as fresh as fresh can be fresh. What is more, you get real eggs. No more conventional, hormone-loaded, chemical-laden eggs from the store. Rather you get fresh and healthy eggs right from our own property with one of our portable buildings in KY and TN.

Whatever you need feel free to give us a call or fill out the form to get started on your HORSE RUN IN SHED AND CHICKEN COOP DESIGNS today.

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