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Our line of outdoor storage buildings also includes outdoor playhouses for your children. They are built with your children and backyard in mind.

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Our outdoor storage buildings go beyond your backyard. Our Prefab Cabins in KY are built for your backyard as well as your backwoods or retreat area.

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Why Choose Overholt & Sons for your Outdoor Storage Buildings Needs?

Overholt & Sons works hard to ensure that each of our outdoor storage buildings, prefab garages and gazebos in KY & TN are built and delivered with high and quality standards. Find out how we can help you find an easy solution to your storage building , chicken coops and horse barns needs. Check out our blog post about why prefab shed is a better choice! Read our blog on what will be the outdoor storage solutions for you!

Overholt & Sons was founded by Melvin Overholt on the family run dairy farm. Our first outdoor storage buildings were constructed in a small area of a farm machinery shed on the family run dairy farm. Eventually we sold the dairy cows. This allowed us to dedicate ourselves totally to manufacturing storage buildings full-time. Since this change we have remained dedicated and have grown in expertise and experience in our storage building trade. Our desire is to provide you with outdoor buildings that fit your needs and give you years of service.

At Overholt & Sons we have worked hard to become competent and experienced. For decades we have been building portable buildings in KY. Our years of hard work have paid off. We now offer a full line of quality outdoor storage buildings, including gazebos, mini barns, portable car garages, playhouses, and even animal shelters such as chicken coops and dog houses. As a company with humble beginnings in manufacturing storage buildings, we have grown to having a number of display areas throughout the Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee area. However our goals is not only growth in quantity. We are more passionate about growth in quality. We are primarily dedicated to serving our customers. Our years of experience has enabled us to do this. Although we highly value company growth and expertise, we go beyond size and skill; we aim primarily for quality and for customer satisfaction. Our decades of experience has been our greatest asset in providing top-of-the-line outdoor storage buildings.

We are not only skilled and experienced in our job, but we are also qualified to train others in building quality outdoor storage sheds. Today our staff has grown beyond family. Our growing workforce consists of trained and skilled employees who are also dedicated to quality and integrity. Our staff is committed to customer-friendly service and skilled craftsmanship for each outdoor structure we build. To assist you even more we also offer our ideas and photo galleries for storage shed ideas, backyard shed ideas, garage design ideas, as well as cabin design ideas and kids playhouses ideas to your for your perusal. Our journey helps us help you!

As Overholt & Sons Inc. we began in 1982 when Melvin Overholt saw the need to provide enough of work for his six children. We began with one outdoor storage building in a small corner of one of our farm buildings. We continued doing this when we were not busy taking care of farming chores. In the summer of 1985, we built a small shop on the family farm to accommodate the growing outdoor storage buildings business. A few years later, the family decided to sell the dairy cows and go into full time into the quality outdoor building business. Even today the family is still highly involved in manufacturing outdoor storage buildings.

The business is presently owned and managed by Wayne Overholt, who is one of the sons. We give all the credit to God who we believe has blessed this storage building business. For this we are grateful. We continue to be dedicated to our family value of integrity and customer satisfaction. In addition we thank all our clients and suppliers for your interest in and contribution to our products and company. We at Overholt & Sons Inc. in Russellville, KY look forward to providing quality outdoor storage buildings that will last for years.

To make our structures more readily available we have storage building sales lots at our home manufacturing facility and other local locations. We are a family dedicated to serving you and others in Kentucky and Tennessee. We strive to do it well and with honesty.

At the heart of our values lies a desire to be honest and upright. We believe that business cannot truly be business if we do not approach it according to God ordained principles. God has blessed our outdoor storage buildings business and we believe it is because we are dedicated to his principles of honesty and integrity. On this basis we strive to produce quality buildings and aim to satisfy customers.

We use quality materials for each of our outdoor buildings and build them with excellent workmanship. We have drawn from our decades of experience to produce a line of outdoor storage buildings that are both durable and attractive. Furthermore we draw on our experience to design and build to customer specs. In addition we train our craftsmen to do a good job as well as do it efficiently. Our focus on doing a good job helps us to maintain quality and customer satisfaction. On the other hand our focus on efficiency helps us to keep our prices competitive. High quality and good workmanship is our goal; we train our employees to build quality outdoor storage buildings that are built well yet are affordable.

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Our Product Variety

Over the years we have developed a number of outdoor building lines. This includes storage buildings, prefab garages, gazebos, outdoor playhouses, animal shelters, and prefab cabins. However our specialty is wooden storage sheds. We have six lines of these storage buildings. Some of the more common are the wooden barn shed, the quaker garden shed, and the deluxe wood storage shed. However we also build the A-roof wood sheds and the Lancaster sheds for sale. To top it off the two story shed is also an option. Our goal is to provide for your outdoor storage needs. To do this we offer a variety of outdoor storage buildings.