Lancaster Prefab Cabin

Are you looking for a more spacious cabin? If so, the stunning Lancaster Style prefabricated cabin offers you, and your guests, exactly that. Enjoy the extra space afforded by the Lancaster cabin as you prepare the inside for renovation. A spacious and private bedroom, storage lofts, cozy living room, or a kitchen area right in your backyard! You can even set out a few chairs out on its charming front porch and this cabin becomes truly irresistible. Imagine yourself on a quiet piece of landing, waking up in your quaint cabin, admiring the scenic beauty of the nature surrounding you. Get a free quote and estimate today to get started!

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The Lancaster Prefabricated Cabin

Are you looking for prefabricated cabins in KY & TN? With a classy steep roof and a transom window, they are great to use as a backyard pool house, backyard office, hunting cabin, backwoods cabin, or even an extra room for a guest house. As with all our outdoor storage buildings, the possibilities for a prefab cabin are numerous. The Lancaster is one of the best options to fulfill your cabin fever without breaking the bank. Check out our cabin design ideas or Call Us at (270) 726-7948 for more.

Lancaster Cabin Inventory

Lancaster Cabin Sizes

How big or small can your prefabricated cabin be? Check out the possible sizes in our 3D Shed Builder.

Want something completely different? We’ll gladly build to match almost any size you’d like for your custom small cabin. Reach out to us today at (270) 726-7948.

Lancaster Cabin Prices

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or $6,480 for a one time payment

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Structures and Basics of Prefabricated cabins

If you are looking for a prefabricated cabin that is simple and affordable yet long-lasting, the Lancaster cabin is a great option. They have the potential to turn into a home-like building without paying for the expense of a home. The cabin is built with that in mind. You can go the more easy route and use the cabin as a decorative storage building for your backyard or hunting equipment. Or you can go the more demanding route of setting this prefabricated cabin up to be used as a backwoods getaway or living quarters in the backyard. We give you the structure and you can finish it or upgrade it to your liking.

More ideas for your cabin

The Lancaster Cabin has numerous amount of uses that you can take advantage of. Whether you're planning to purchase it for personal use or rent it out. You can truly make the most out of the Lancaster. Here are some ideas for your cabin:

  1. Renovate and decorate your cabin to rent it out to worldwide travelers! This creates a great method of passive income
  2. Create a rustic interior in your cabin and place it deep in nature. This lets you create your own personal oasis, away from the world.
  3. You can hook up electricity in your cabin and create an entertainment zone. TVs, consoles, pool tables, ping pong, anything you can think of.
  4. Looking to save money on the price of your small? Order it unfinished and work on it as a DIY Project