Two-Story Modular Garage

If your tools and equipment threaten to swallow all the extra space in your home, the Two-Story Modular Garage has ample storage for whatever you’ve accumulated. This is our largest garage building, up to 32 feet long, with a second story that doubles the floor space available to you. You can use this prefab barn garage for storage–or extra living space. Start dreaming now of the possibilities available to you: organizing your clutter, hosting guests, or making a workshop. We can even add a garage door to your two-story garage.

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High-quality, customizable two-story Garages

The prefab barn garage is large but the important question is -will it fit into the look of your home and yard? Choose from our custom options for paint colors, roofs, and other features to help it assimilate seamlessly into your property. See all of your choices in features and colors.

Concerned about the durability of your modular garage? You can ease your worries! We order our premium-grade lumber from the fir, pine, and spruce forests of Canada We choose exclusively lighter-colored wood for its strength and even color. You’ll find our garages will last a lifetime! Check out our blog post about 10 Reasons to Buy a Garage Shed.

What will a Modular Garage cost?

Although prices can vary for modular garages based on size, features, color, and roofing, Overholt and Sons strives to give a fair and affordable price to every customer. You can find the standard prices and rent-to-own prices for our prefab barn garages in our catalog, but if you’d like a free quote for custom features, we’re happy to provide that for you. We provide a form on our website to request that free quote, or you can call us at (270) 726-7948.

Two-Story Modular Garage Sizes

We’re glad to help you find the perfect size for your prefab barn garage. The Two-Story Modular Barn Garage has a wall height of 6 feet, 6 inches, and comes in these measurements:

None of these sizes fit your space? No problem! We’ll gladly customize a prefab barn garage for your needs. For more information reach out to the location nearest you.

12 Foot Garages14 Foot Garages
* Also available in 16×40

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Find Modular Garages Near You

Do you still want to see a prefab barn garage for yourself before you buy? We’d love to see you at any of our local sales lots. Walk through the buildings, ask questions and get estimates on a garage building. You can order any of the buildings before you leave the sales location, too! Ask our sales representative to schedule an immediate delivery. See the nearest sales location to you.

Need more ideas for your Modular Garage?

You’ll find that the Two-Story Modular Barn garage has all sorts of uses besides storage. Try these tips for enjoying your prefab barn garage:

  1. Use the first floor as a garage, storing your vehicle, tools, and outdoor play equipment securely within reach. Use the second floor as storage space and add overhead racks, storage shelves, and cupboards to easily organize all your stuff.
  2. Turn the second story into an Airbnb and recoup your costs of buying the garage, while you use the space below for storage.
  3. Remodel the upstairs space into a studio or workshop at one end and living quarters at the other.
  4. Let the kids or grandkids use the second story for a game room or TV room. Outfit it with couches and snacks, and they’ll be happy for hours!

Ready to solve your space problem and boost your home’s value? We’re excited to help you get started! Contact us for your free garage quote, or call us at (270) 726-7948.