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Fresh Cabin Design Ideas and Kids Playhouses in KY & TN

Are you looking for a retreat area for either yourself or your children? An outdoor playhouse or a prefab cabin is a great way to supply this need. Whether in your backyard or in the backwoods, this is a great way to find a spot to play. With one of our kid’s playhouses, your child has/children have a place to play and call home. They can romp in the woods or play in the backyard in the area where their playhouse is set.

In like manner, a cabin in the backwoods makes a great place for you to play as well. You can relax, go hunting, and enjoy the nature around you. With a backwoods cabin to go back to you, the experience can be so much better. So whether a big person or a small person these cabin design ideas and kids’ playhouses can help you play better. check out our blog post about a small cabin.

Cabin and Playhouse Photo Ideas

Uses for Cabin Design Ideas and Kids Playhouses

Essentially our cabins are a basic outdoor storage building customized and upgraded to the building the customer requested. It all starts with the basics of a simple structure. Then we add the parts and finishes needed.

The cabin design is built so as to be able to be insulated and finished inside. The building can be made perfectly livable and comfortable. Imagine a house in your backwoods. That is the extent of the possibilities with our cabin design ideas.

The kids playhouses are a mini version of an outdoor storage shed but with a child and cute twist. You can go with a more cottage-style sweet gingerbread look. A mini house is a great way to decorate the backyard.

Do you need additional ideas? Call us at (270) 726-7948. Do you want a price for what you are looking for? Request a FREE Quote by filling out the form for portable storage buildings in KY and TN.

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