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Storage Buildings for Sale

Barn Sheds For Sale

Do you need a simple yet stylish storage building in your backyard? The Barn Storage Building from Overholt offers a traditional and clean look to add to your backyard. It is affordable with plenty of storage space. This attractive-looking shed sports a gambrel-style roof that adds to its unique appearance while still providing a lot of room. Far from a simple, slapped-together building, it is decorative, affordable, and valuable. Get more ideas and check out our blog post about 30 garden shed ideas.

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Quaker Sheds For Sale

Spice up your backyard with the Quaker Storage Building. This style of storage building comes with transom windows, shutters, and a flower box. In addition, check out the options for a solid color or other unique colors on your door to make it stand out. These Quaker-style outdoor storage sheds add an aesthetic flair to your backyard with an asymmetrical roof and stylish overhang in the front. Call Us at (270) 726-7948 to learn more.

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Lancaster Sheds For Sale

The Lancaster Storage Building includes a steeper roof than the A-Roof Storage Building which gives you more space to include a bigger loft in your storage shed. Because of its roof design, the Lancaster Storage Building has a unique, and decorative look to it. Combine that with our endless customizable options for customer satisfaction, you can truly create the storage building of your dreams. Contact us today to find out more about our line of outdoor structures. 

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Two-Story Sheds For Sale

The Two Story Storage Barn has its specialty right in its name. Two stories of space to store gardening and pool equipment and still have room for a workshop. The limits are endless with this specialty storage barn. Available up to 32’ in length, you can never go wrong with that much extra storage space. Convert it, into an office, a living space, or even a small house. This Storage Building can fit any of your needs!

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A-Roof Sheds for Sale

The A-Roof Storage Building offers more than just storage space. Designed with symmetry in mind, these sheds will give a balanced, modern, and clean look to your backyard, perfect for the style of today’s western world. You are not sacrificing space for looks, the A-Roof Shed also provides plenty of room to put away your pool and garden tools. You can design your own A-Roof Storage Building in our 3D Shed Builder today!

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Deluxe Barn Sheds For sale

The Deluxe Barn Storage Building is a step up from its cousin, the barn storage building. Boasting a bigger size, spacious interior, and fancy exterior, this is the perfect option for you if you’re looking for size and luxury. Even though the deluxe barn storage building is a step up, you can take it even further with a wide array of customizable options like choosing a custom stain, changing roofing materials, and even door and window placements.

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Need Help?

It is of the utmost importance for us to help you find the building that you need. Each storage building, prefab garage, gazebo, prefab cabin, outdoor playhouse, and animal shelter that we sell, we design and build with quality in mind. We want to see you find what you need. Need more help? Check out our storage shed ideas and Betsy’s she shed story to help you along. Also, answer the question on why a prefab shed is a better choice to make!

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