Betsy Richardson’s She Shed Story

Why betsy wanted a she shed

Like most she shed stories, this one began with a passionate hobby. Betsy Richardson loved to sew. Like so many other crafters, she finds great joy and pleasure in creating art that is both useful and beautiful, as well as serving the needs of others. So when Betsy lost her sewing room in a house remolding project last year, she launched an earnest campaign to replace it. Hiring a carpenter is always an option for building a new space, but this inevitably comes with a steep price tag, and oh the mess!

That’s what got Betsy thinking about a new twist on an old solution… a “she shed”. After looking around for shed companies near her location in Clarksville, Tennessee, she picked up a brochure for Overholt & Sons at one of our sales lots. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s let Betsy tell the story in her own words:

I had a quilting/craft room in my house but last year we remodeled and used that room and made it into a master bathroom/closet. With that being said, we started looking at ways to make my room again. We thought of adding on to the house but decided that was too pricy so we started looking at sheds. We found an Overholt and Sons pamphlet at on their locations. We took a look and since OVS was so close, we decided to deal with them directly.

Betsy Richardson

Choosing the perfect she shed

After studying our catalog and visiting us in person, Betsy had a choice between various shed styles to determine the look and feel of her future sewing room. In the end, she went with our premier “Lancaster Shed” design, which features a sharp-looking roof peak, a generous overhang, and good looks all around. She aimed to give her workspace light and splendid feel. We finished the outside for her with our Overholt Red paint color and topped off the looks with sleek black shutters and flower boxes.

she shed

Betsy’s Friends React

When we delivered the shed on the property for Betsy, our team leveled it up in a corner of her yard, and Betsy snapped a quick photo to share with her friends. You can hear the admiration in their voices through their responses on Facebook:

she shed experience

Personalizing A she Shed

With the basic structure decided and the shed delivered, the real fun began for Betsy and her husband. They set out to finish the inside of the shed. The first concerns were practical, such as heating and cooling. Betsy says:

As you can see in the pictures, it was a shell when we got it… we had Overholt and Sons insulate the bottom because we knew we would need it to keep it warm and cool during the winter and summer. We added the window A/C and heating unit but also added the ceiling fan to help with the circulation. I do keep it heated and cooled year round because of my sewing machines. They have computers and have to be kept at a regulated temperature. We did add clear insulation to the windows in the winter to help keep it warmer and I have left that on the windows because I think it keeps it cooler also. I have noticed that our electric bill has increased about $100 dollars depending on the temperatures but my shed is under trees so that helps during the summers

Betsy Richardson
she shed

Betsy’s Friends Help With Color Options

In choosing what color to use for paneling the inside, Betsy turned to her girlfriends on Facebook. She received over 80 opinions on which color she should choose, with the majority giving a resounding vote for the gray:

she shed color options

A few more meticulous comments suggested that Betsy should only choose gray if she had plenty of lighting. Fortunately for Betsy, this was not a problem as she chose a generous number of insulated windows, solid metal doors with full-length 9-lite windows. She even opted for a transom window to allow extra light in. As part of finishing the inside, they added electric lights as well:

The ceiling fan has lights in it but we also added four can lights in each corner to have the light equally distributed. My husband, Rick, was going to cover the transom windows but I told him we paid extra for those, haha, so I wanted them to open to let the daylight in.

Betsy Richardson
she shed
she shed

Creating a she shed sewing studio

With the inside finished, the wood shed became totally different space. You have to admire Betsy and Rick’s determination and creativity. They transformed the shell in their shed into a modern and chic studio. From there, Betsy began the adventure of moving in her sewing machines and supplies, tables and furniture, as well as pictures and other decor:

Once the inside was completed, which took a few weeks, I moved all my craft things in. I’ve moved everything around several times but I think the way I have it arranged now is the way it will stay. I told my husband I had to have a TV so I can watch the Halllmark Holiday movies… lol.

Betsy Richardson

a cute she shed – inside and out

With enough experimentation, Betsy finally got the feel and function she wanted from her shed. With the inside finally arranged, the last step was to finish the outside with landscaping:

I have everything you could ask for in my shed except a restroom and refrigerator but since it’s only 50 feet from our house, I don’t really need them. Also, my husband is a landscaper and as you can see, he made a walkway to my shed and added the landscaping in front, which I think makes it look more like a cottage!

Betsy Richardson
she shed

How has all this affected Betsy’s life? With a dedicated space to call her own, she takes the time and opportunity to pursue her passion:

My kids are all grown and my husband likes to golf most weekends, so I spend most of my weekends in my shed and sometimes, if I’m working on something that has a deadline, I will be out there in the evenings. Not very often during the week because I also work a full-time job.

Betsy Richardson

Many of the customers we encounter in the storage shed industry have objectives that are fairly straightforward. Whether they need to improve the looks of their property, clean out an attic, or store equipment, there is plenty of no-brainer uses for a storage shed, and we’re glad to meet those needs. Occasionally, however, we’re privileged to work with a customer on a project that’s sourced in passion. This is the story of Betsy’s “She Shed”.

What’s so special about “she Sheds”?

A “She shed” can take a variety of different forms. For some, there is a desire to develop a venture or hobby, such as a sewing shop or other small business. Sometimes ladies just want a place to relax and enjoy friendships in their own cozy knock. All of these things can be accomplished with even a small shed and for a fraction of the cost.

Sometimes, it starts with a need. Sometimes, it starts with a dream. Sometimes, it’s both. Ultimately, the spaces we occupy influence the decisions that we make and therefore the lives that we live. This is why we take such joy and find such satisfaction in helping people like Betsy find a solution in small portable buildings for their unique needs and desires.

Thinking you could own a She Shed like Betsy? Take her advice and make sure it’s large enough:

If I could change anything about my shed, it would be either a little longer or a little wider, but other than that… I love my “She Shed.” I must say, I have several jealous friends who are envious of my shed.

Betsy Richardson

Happy SheShed Owner

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