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The Overholt & Sons Shed Builders Story

Back in the early 1980s, living and making a living on a small family dairy farm was tough. Paying for a farm and keeping equipment maintained was almost more than was possible with the income produced from the dairy. When his oldest children were teenagers, Mr. Mervin Overholt decided, along with his older sons, to build a couple of buildings and set them out by the road to sell.

Those first buildings were built in the spring of 1982. This was in the day before every house had a shed in the backyard. This concept was hard to sell, but finally, diligence paid off and people began to get used to the idea of portable buildings. Since resources were limited, we cleaned out a corner of the equipment shed and set up a very small area to start the shed business.

In time, the business grew to where enough money was saved up to build a new shop on the farm. In 1985, a new shop was constructed, and more time was dedicated to the business. As the business continued to grow, it became a challenge (even with 5 sons and a daughter) to keep the dairy running and keep up with the demands of the new business. The family seemed to have more interest in working the shed business and the cows had taken second place.

In 1989, it was decided to sell the dairy cows and put more energy into building portable sheds. The Lord blessed the business and over the years there have been several additions to the original shop that was built in 1985. We are indebted to God for the way He has blessed the business and provided even in times when it was hard to find work. We have been blessed with clients and people who are more than just a customer, many have become friends. We look forward to partnering with many more of you as you allow us to help you find a solution to your storage needs.

Jonathan Overholt, Current Owner

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What Does Overholt & Sons Offer you?

In the shed industry, there is a temptation for shed builders to become driven by profits, and when that happens, production becomes the main or sometimes the only focus. When that happens, the relationship with the customer is often not a priority. While profits are essential to continuing a business, that is not our main focus, rather how we can be an example of how Jesus taught us to treat people.

We strive to treat customers as we would want to be treated by providing them with a quality building that has eye-pleasing details and that will give them many years of service. Whether it’s from providing quality sheds to volunteering our time to clean up after natural disasters, we believe in serving our community.

High-Quality Materials

We use high-quality lumber for our outdoor storage sheds and buildings. Our craftsmen and designers are both experienced and trained in manufacturing storage buildings. We have over 38 years of building experience.

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5-Year Warranty

All our outdoor storage sheds come with a 5-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship. Choose the best storage structure for your backyard needs and get your perfect storage building for years to come!

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A Fully Satisfied Experience

We are happy for you to hear what our previous customers have to say about Overholt and Sons, because at the end of the day, their voices matter the most. Discover just how satisfied our previous customers are with their experiences with Overholt and Sons.

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We endeavor to live first and foremost according to the standards and principles of Jesus. On this basis, we strive to produce excellent OUTDOOR STORAGE SHEDS & PREFAB BUILDINGS with honesty and hard work… From outdoor playhouses, all the way to gazebos and animal shelters we aim to build to satisfy customers. In addition, we work hard to make all our buildings at competitive and affordable prices.

As a family who values family life and community we are committed to satisfying you with quality sheds built by expert shed builders. Our Conservative Anabaptist values of hard work, integrity, and commitment enable us to serve you. Most of all we seek to honor God as it is Him who has grown our business.

Honoring God, Family Life, Community, Hard Work, Integrity, Commitment, & Service!

We have a number of display locations throughout southern KY and northern TN. However, our central location and outdoor storage shed manufacturing site is on the outskirts of Russellville, KY. We have 10+ employees who work hard to build storage sheds efficiently and with quality. Our facility has several bays so we can build multiple outdoor storage sheds simultaneously. CALL US! (270) 726-7948.

Jonathan Overholt - Owner/General Manager

Marvin Shetler - Shop Foreman/Builder

Sam Fisher - Shed Delivery

Leon Coblentz - Builder

Mahlon Mast - Builder

Rylan Overholt - Builder

Trenton Overholt - Builder

Dallon Stratton - Builder

Kenley Beachy - Builder

Eusebio Villarreal Hernandez - Builder

Marcos Vasquez Morales - Builder

Douglas Yoder - Office Manager/Sales

Rita Harden - Outside sales

Chris S - Outside sales