shed pictures and galleries

The Lancaster Pictures and Gallery

The most majestic structure for your backyard is the Lancaster shed or garage. Unmatched in its versatility, the Lancaster will provide you with the space you need for storage, or give you the ability to fully customize it for whatever you want to convert it into. See why the Lancaster is at the top of our structures down below. You can view our Lancaster gallery to see all of the possibilities and decorative options you can choose!

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Cabins & Playhouses Pictures and Gallery

Our cabins and playhouses are built with you and your children in mind. A cabin acts as a tiny home getaway, where you can escape the monotony of life. And playhouses are exactly that for your kids. They provide a fun, and safe area for your kids so they can enjoy their childhood and spend time outdoors. Check out our cabins and playhouses gallery to see the possibilities and options!

animal shelter for horses

Animal Shelter pictures and Gallery

Your animals deserve an ideal place to call home. Someplace that is built with high-quality materials and has features to accommodate your animals. Overholt and Sons provides customers with custom dog kennels, horse barns, and chicken coops so they can house their animals in a comfortable and safe place. Check out our animal shelters gallery to see how you can design your animals’ homes.

Shed Pictures and Gallery

Our outdoor storage buildings can be used for anything! We pride ourselves in hand-building these structures which means they are custom-made for each person. Storage, office, hobby center, entertainment zone, gardening, the uses for our outdoor storage buildings are limitless. Take a look at our shed pictures and galleries to get more inspiration for your backyard!

Garage pictures and Gallery

Our garages act not only as a protective shell for your cars, but they also act as extra storage to keep away the clutter. Built with the best materials, you can be sure that your portable garage from Overholt and Sons will stand up to the test of time. Durability is a big factor when we hand-build our garages. We want to make sure that the structure you get will last you a lifetime. Check out our garages gallery to see the intricately built garages and to get inspiration for yours!

Standard size carports for sale in tennessee

Carports pictures and Gallery

Checkout out our great selection of carports and metal garages. These carport designs will give you a good feel for how it will look on your property and if it will do well for protecting your possessions.