Dog Kennels For Sale In Kentucky And Tennessee

An Affordable Dog Kennel

When it comes to our dogs and their healthier life, we want the best for them and provide them with a safer living space where they can feel comfortable and safer. If your dogs have puppies, it will be a great chance for them to grow puppies for a better future. In order to make dog kennels more buyable, we are offering the most cost-effective and durable structures! Most of our structures built locally and delivered to the location of your choice. Take advantage of our delivery service and retreat your dogs and puppies.

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Dog Kennels Features & Prices

Single DoggerSizeEnclosurePaintedUnpaintedRTO

Multi-Dog kennels include extra dog doors and necessary fence panels

Double DoggerSizeEnclosurePaintedUnpaintedRTO
Triple DoggerSizeEnclosurePaintedUnpaintedRTO
Quad DoggerSizeEnclosurePaintedUnpaintedRTO

Optional Features

Extra Dog Door$908′ Inside Panel W/2 Gates$300
Extra Entry Door$2004′ Inside Panel$100
Extra Window$75Fence Panels per ft.$%25
Extra Gate$75Divider Panel 8′$200
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