30 Garden Shed Ideas

The internet is drenched with garden shed ideas photos. Pinterest is flooded with thousands of photos on the topic and the blog world is swimming with lots of ideas. Some of the photos and ideas are good and some are better.

We, at Overholt & Sons, have done some research to gather some of the best garden shed photos out there. From our hours of looking, we have compiled a list of 30 exceptional and interesting photos. We set them apart, not as the only ideas and photos, but as some of the best. We intended to set these 30 photos apart from the rest of the noise for your inspiration, enjoyment, and enrichment.

The photos were chosen on the basis of being unique, creative, outstanding, or exceptionally beautiful. They range from rustic to classy and from artsy to frugally built. Some are very nature-like and blend in with what is around them while others stand out. Whatever the case, they all are meant to, in some way or another, portray truth, beauty, and goodness.

Rustics and Quaint Garden Sheds

1. Aged garden shed beauty

This is nothing flashy or classy. Its paint is peeling, its roof is rusting, and its luster is gone. It looks drab to the eye looking for the latest and the greatest. However, there remains some beauty. It may be hidden from the modern eye, but it is still there. It speaks of the glories of time past. It has the revered gothic style windows with their inspiring, curved, and pointed arch.

The roof has a delightfully rustic look that speaks of something that has been around for a long time and deserves to be cherished. The paint may be old and peeling but it is not meaningless. Rustic garden sheds may be old but they speak of having weathered many storms. This is aged beauty that will not disappear right away. So for the first idea, reuse and enjoy oldness rather than getting rid of it.

2. Out-of-date potting shed

It does not take a complicated and expensive garden shed to make room for potting and garden work. It just takes a small corner of an old shed. Just because it is out of date does not mean it is not useful. Second idea: Turn your old shed or a small building into a potting shed or hobby space.

3. Cute shed in a nook

Some may think sheds are for storage. However, shed use goes far beyond that. backyard sheds can be turned into cute little spaces in the corner of the garden. Some people even turn space into cute she-sheds or a little living space. These outdoor living spaces are a great place to get away. IDEA #3: Turn your garden shed into a personal living space in your garden.

4. Waterwheel–Classic agedness

Beauty is powerful. Even in an aged setting or with old material, beauty can still ooze out. In fact, sometimes the agedness enhances the beauty. This is especially true with this old shed. While its waterwheel idea and the old wood may go back years, its beauty is still worth crediting. Some of the old things in life make a great garden shed idea. Idea: Create a garden environment with old things such as a waterwheel.

5. Cute garden centerpiece

A shed helps break up the monotony of the backyard. Even a simple and small shed like this one can make a big difference. It creates a central point in the yard and a great place to decorate around.  TIP: break up the monotony of your backyard with a shed centerpiece and bring it to life with some creative landscaping.

6. Dilapidated beauty

Who said beauty has to be flashy and brilliant? While this shed may be old and even leaning, it does not mean its life is over. Idea: Think of a new way to look at your dilapidated buildings and bring them back to life.

7. Log Shed

There are always different ways of doing things. This shed is different from the rest of the garden shed ideas photos in this list. It is logs that make up the walls and with cement between the pieces. Idea.

8. Sharp Looking steep roof

Steep roofs have a way of pointing higher. Literally! But also figuratively. They lift the spirit and inspire. IDEA: Just for the sake of style and inspiration, give your garden shed a steep roof.

9. A place to reminisce

At first glance, this shed looks like an old craft spot or an antique area. Admittedly it does have a bunch of rustic decoration and wood siding which is less flashy and classy than vinyl would be. However, this shed is rather new and of recent design. It is a combination of the past and the present. Idea: Create a reminiscent spot with a new shed with old decorations.

Artsy Garden Shed Ideas Photos

It is natural to think of a shed as a bland and strictly practical building. However, sheds have a lot of uses and can be made very beautiful. Some even use them as backyard studios or art galleries. Garden sheds are a great building to make artsy.

10. Out-of-the-box shed

Who said your backyard garden building can be wild? Idea: Take a day off and paint or decorate your shed a creative and extraordinary way.

11. Standing out yet blending in

The creator of this building must have had a sense of what good garden shed ideas are. The shed is unique.  It blends with its surroundings in some ways and in other ways stands out. It is both artsy and natural. Idea: Think about the colors around your shed then paint accordingly.

12. Colorful Garden Shed Ideas

Wow! check out these sharp colors that make these sheds stand out. It is like the gamut of colors on a rainbow. Idea: Turn your shed walls into rainbow-colored walls.

13. Simple beauty as a getaway

Sheds can make a great place to get away and retreat from life. People use them as a she-shed or a man-cave as their place to get away. It does not take much to create such a small spot. This shed is small and fairly simple. Idea: Place your garden shed in a corner of the garden and set it up as a study or a place to retreat and relax.

14. Pretty Spot in the woods

This shed used to be a kids playhouse. The owner renovated it and started using it as a cute little spot to enjoy the woods. Idea: Build or move a shed to the woods for your kids and for you to enjoy nature.

Cool Shed ideas with repurposed materials

Is there a bunch of old materials laying around that could be put to good use? A few cool storage shed ideas, can turn even seemingly useless materials into a great backyard garden shed. Plus it can be done cheaply. With some old windows, used pallets, and even driftwood, plus a host of other retired materials, these garden shed ideas can bring your backyard garden to life.

15. Re-used windows greenhouse

Why buy a greenhouse if you can make it yourself? Especially if it is much cheaper? A cool shed like this can be done very cheaply. The main materials needed are old replacement windows, an old door, a few pieces of wood for rafters, and some polycarbonate roofing sheets. Idea: Rather than throwing away your old windows, door, and other materials, turn them into a greenhouse shed.

16. Old wood reused

There may be a pile of wood in the backyard that looks like it should be disposed of. However, with a little care and creativity, it can be made into a rustic-looking shed that fits in a backwood or backyard garden area. A little creative piecework, and cleaning old wood can become a beautiful piece of art. A coat of clear coat paint could bring out the aged beauty and protect the wood for years. Idea: Repurpose your old wood and turn it into a piece of art in your garden.

17. Cool pallet garden Shed

Is frugality something you value? If so this is one of the garden shed ideas to consider. This cool shed was made from old wood pallets. Used pallets are plentiful. Sometimes it takes a little bit of a hunt to find them, but it can be worthwhile because of the money it saves. Idea: Find and reuse old pallets to build a garden shed cheaply.

18. Driftwood Shed

How about scouring the river for a few days to gather wood for a shed? That may sound ridiculous and like one of those cool shed ideas. However, it is cheap, out-of-the-box, and likely a possibility for a unique and very rustic garden centerpiece. It may not be classy but why does it need to be. It is definitely an idea with the potential for a different kind of beauty. Idea: Gather some driftwood and turn it into a rustically beautiful garden shed.

Modern And Classy Sheds Ideas

Some sheds ideas take very little money, but some others are much more involved. However, that is the idea, namely, to provide ideas that match a wide range of needs and desires. The following ideas are more geared to higher spending limits. They are the modern and classy garden shed ideas.

19. High-Class Backyard Shed

This garden shed was built to be one of those sheds for sale that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. It was designed to appeal to what is popular in the current age. With a classy dormer roof and modern vinyl windows, it has all the modern eye is looking for. Idea: Order a shed with all the bells and whistles to bring some class to your backyard. Start with filling out our FREE Quote Request Form.

Overholt & Sons, builders of prefabricated outdoor buildings in Kentucky.

20. Clean and simple beauty

This shed is quite simple but with complex decoration. It started with a simple shed shell. Then some really nice windows and doors were added. Plus it was mulched nicely. In addition, a number of little knick-knacks decorate the shed. The shed is simple and modern yet tastefully done. Idea: Buy a simple shed shell and decorate it exotically with flowers, mulching, and more.

21. Rustic colors on a modern structure

This shed brings together antiquity and modernity. It has a simple and clean modern look. It starts with the simple fours walls and a simple slanted roof. It is one of those garden shed ideas that takes advantage of the best of both worlds. Idea: Be creative and see how you can bring two different decoration styles together in an attractive way.

22. A taste of modern simplicity

Recently there has been a push toward tiny homes. This cool shed is a great example of that. Is it small yet very classy? It simple single slant roof is one of the common features. Plus it has a very clean and minimalistic look. There is not much extra decoration on this one. Idea: Build a tiny home in your backyard garden and use it as living quarters.

23. Decorated garden shed

Nature is beautiful. A little decoration from nature around this shed brings out the beauty in a unique way. Idea: See how beautifully you can decorate your garden shed with natural landscaping.

Nature-Friendly garden shed Designs

Garden sheds designs can either mesh or clash with their environment. However when they mesh it is so much better. The following sheds were picked for either 1) how their looks blended in with the surroundings or 2) how they were built with natural and environmentally-friendly materials.

24. Hobbyist’s greenhouse shed

Sheds are much more than a place to store stuff. they can also be a place to grow food. This garden shed has a clear roof to create a greenhouse effect. This sun shed provides plenty of room and natural light to do gardening all year round. It is one of those garden shed designs that is both fun and profitable. Idea: Exercise your green thumb with a greenhouse shed.

wooden garden shed for ideas

25. Blended with nature

This is a garden shed design that most spectacularly blends with the nature around it. The shed has green accents and trims that blend with nature around it. Also, the orange paint flows with flowers and other decorations. This shed fits where it has been planted. Idea: Build a shed that blends in with nature as much as possible.

26. One with nature

How about making a shed that not only blends with its surroundings but also is part of nature. Apart from the windows and the door, this vine-covered wall looks like it was grown on that spot. Idea: Plant vines on and around your garden shed to make it look like it is part of nature.

backyard garden shed vine covered

27. Colored like nature

This is another example of surroundings that fit with the garden shed. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that the shed blends and fits with its surroundings. The dark colors blend with the woody area and the darker mulch. The green trim has enough green to connect at least somewhat with the greenery around it. Idea: Make your shed blend with nature instead of changing the natural setting to fit your shed.

28. Raw natural beauty

This shed is outstanding because it is built of materials that are still close to their raw form. A wooden shed fits in better with nature. Vinyl sheds or buildings built of other materials can be great for some situations. However, for a natural environment wood is much better. First of all, wood is a natural product. Secondly, it fits better in a woodsy area. Idea: Just to say you can do it, build a shed with 1) natural products and 2) products that are as much in their raw form as possible.

29. Thatched roof shed

Not only can your shed blend with nature or even be made out of natural products. It can also be made out of the actual raw products nature provides. Wood is natural but it is often cut up. It is debarked and cut so it fits together. However, this shed is made of products that are exactly the way nature gives it, namely in their original form. Idea: Try building a shed from materials that you do not have to alter at all.

30. Complimenting and harmonizing with nature

This is the last of our photos of garden shed designs. However, it is not the least. While most of the other nature-friendly wood shed designs are more about meshing with the greenery around them, this shed is more fitting to the barrenness around. The setting here is dryer and more desert-like, but no less beautiful. The natural wood look fits great with the sand and the rocks as well as the more desert-friendly plants. IDEA: Try a desert garden and add a wooden and unpainted shed to compliment it.

Garden Shed Ideas Summary

These garden shed ideas are here to help you on your journey. Whether you wanted something classy or something rustic or even a combo of both, these ideas were meant to inspire ideas. Or whether you wanted something nature-friendly, something artsy, or even to use old materials, these ideas were offered to think outside of the box. To use these ideas, you can either build your own shed from scratch or you can have us build the shell and then decorate it to your liking.

If you have any more questions about what you could add to your future shed? You can contact us or give us a call at 270-726-7948.

Please, talk to us in the comments below. Do you like these ideas? What are your ideas for a perfect shed?

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