Outdoor Storage Solutions

One of the unique challenges facing a homeowner is storage. Maybe you use the various closets in your house, attic space, your prefab garage, or a combination of them all. Whether you’ve been in your present location for a few years, or a few dozen, “where to store what?” is the burning question. Perhaps you need extra space, but you aren’t sure how to choose among the many storage buildings.

Here at Overholt Storage Buildings, we believe we have the perfect solution for you. Why? Because our assortment of outdoor storage solutions are sure to fit your need, whether you need space for a few odds and ends or space for the family automobile. Let’s look at the types of Outdoor Storage Solutions we have available.

The Barn Shed Outdoor Storage Solutions

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Barn Shed

Simple. Economical. Great for maximizing space. These descriptions and more describe our barn shed. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. There’s more here than meets the eye. These old-style storage sheds are a flexible, robust, and long-lasting way to use a small amount of space, and magically transform it for your storage needs.

Deluxe Barn Shed

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Deluxe Barn Shed

A step up from the Barn Shed, our Deluxe model gives you higher side walls, offering up to 11’ of high storage space on the inside. Consider the convenience you’ll experience; plenty of floor space for your lawn mower and other equipment, and also lots of higher wall space to hang tools. Alternatively, if you’re looking to reclaim a room in your house, the deluxe barn wood storage shed provides plenty of vertical space for an abundance of shelves and a loft–perfect for long-term storage.

The A-Roof Shed

10x14 storage shed
A-Roof Sheds

The A-Roof Shed has modest appeal. Look at the balanced look of the roof; nothing fancy, but practical. Simplicity doesn’t mean less functionality; this shed will do what it’s supposed to do: Store your stuff.

If you need a straightforward outdoor storage solution but don’t favor the barn look, the A-Roof Shed is the one for you!

Quaker Garden Shed

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Quaker Garden Shed

The Quaker Garden shed is a shed with character. Also known as a saltbox shed, this catchy design originated in New England and has kept its original charm through the years. Put one of these storage sheds in your backyard if you’d like a space-efficient eye-catcher.

Lancaster Shed

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Lancaster Shed

The Lancaster Shed is the most advanced of our shed line. If you want Quality (capital Q) along with a distinctive feel that will make the neighbours look twice and say “Where did you find THAT?” Look no further. Sure, there’s something to say about a simple outdoor storage like our Barn Sheds, but when you’re looking for a focal point for your backyard The Lancaster is the one! This is a outdoor storage with class.

Alternative Outdoor Storage Solution: Garages

If you’re looking for a type of outdoor storage solutions that can not only store your valuables but your family vehicle as well, you’re at the right place! Whether you need a simple 12 x 16, a more accommodating 12 x 28, or even one of our many 14’ sizes, rest assured we’ve got the prefab garage to get you covered.

A-Roof Portable Car garage

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A-Roof Garage

The A-Roof Garage edition works well if you have a small yard and budget. Its 7 feet+ sidewalls give you plenty of headroom. Also, we can work with you to build any size you’d like. We can even add a metal roof (like the one shown above) on this garage. With the garage door on this outdoor building, you can use this portable building to protect your ATV or outdoor equipment, not just a bike or car.

Two Story Modular Barn Garage

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Two-Story Garage Shed

If you’re worried that you won’t have enough storage space in a single story shed, consider a two-story garage-type outdoor storage. With room below for all the lawn care machinery in your lineup, your second story will still be available for long-term storage. Maybe you can even finish the interior of the upstairs and pursue that hobby you’ve never had space for in the house, like an art studio or an office space.

Deluxe Barn Premade Garage

outdoor building structures for sale in ky
Deluxe Barn Garage

A variation of our popular Deluxe Barn Storage Shed, this premade garage edition will store all your lawn care items and more! Furthermore, with 6 feet, 6-inch-high walls, there’s plenty of space to hang your yard and garden rakes, brooms, snow shovels; you name it. Add a loft, and you can imagine all the room you’ll have for even more.

The Lancaster Garage

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Lancaster Garage

Finally, we’ll round this blog out with my favorite. The Lancaster. As you’ve seen in our Lancaster shed line, this outdoor storage solution is the very definition of class. Also, with options for wider windows with shutters, roof topping dormer windows, and a cupola, you can make the Lancaster shed to fit your tastes–something you will enjoy looking at every morning.

Find the Outdoor Storage You’re Looking For

In conclusion, we feel that with our large selection of different types of outdoor storage solutions, you simply can’t fail to solve your unique storage problem. Whether you’re in need of a small, simple outdoor storage, a larger building with a room upstairs, or a more elegant, stylish portable building that will create “Ooh’s and Ahh’s”, we’ve got you covered! Fill out a free quote to get started. We look forward to serving you!

P.S. After you’ve made the purchase, here are some nifty ideas on how to keep your new storage building organized.

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