Tiny Hunting Cabins in Tennessee and Kentucky

A Tiny Hunting Cabin To Empower Your Adventure

Are you an avid hunter? Do you enjoy shooting more than just the breeze? Perhaps you love hunting, even to the point of taking off work for weeklong hunting trips at a time. If you think hunting could not get any better, your wise for thinking again. Imagine your best hunting trip ever. Now imagine returning from your triumphant expedition to your very own welcoming and cozy abode. That is what you call a hunting trip WITH a tiny hunting cabin.

What is a Tiny Hunting Cabin?

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What is a tiny hunting cabin, exactly?  A tiny hunting cabin is a small (technically between 100- 900 square feet) structure where you can recover in comfort from a long day of patient pose or fearless tracking. Often a tiny hunting cabin is created similarly to a prefab shed, with special details such as a small side porch, multiple windows, and a loft for sleeping. Of course, you create the interior of your tiny hunting cabin in a way that speaks to your exact masculine or hunting style.  

Check out this tiny hunting cabin and dream big about your very own!

Why a tiny hunting cabin might be the perfect fit

A tiny hunting cabin is a worthwhile investment and the right fit for your hunting home base for the following 3 reasons.

  1. You Solo or Three Musketeer Hunting Trips – If it is just you or a few hunting buddies, you do not really need a lot of space. Especially if you spend most of your days or nights out subduing the land.
  2. A Real Budget Lover – A prebuilt tiny hunting cabin provides a cozy living space while offering you real affordability! No need to go into debt to do what you love. You can have your cake and eat it too in a tiny hunting cabin.
  3. Easier to Locate – In other words, if you are hunting out in the boonies, transporting or even on-site building becomes much more feasible and affordable if your cabin is tiny rather than large.

In a nutshell, a tiny hunting cabin is a right fit for you if you enjoy smaller, cozy spaces, wish to stay true to your budget, or especially if you enjoy hunting in the middle of nowhere.

Their hard work paid off…  “Our little team ended up finishing fourth in the competition, providing confirmation that this was a viable business idea and that it was not something to be left to collect dust.”

You already know what’s good

You know hunting is good, so whether your hunting trips beckons you out into the Kentucky woodland, the Tennessee mountains, or both, enjoy discovering their hottest public hunting spots.

Plus, if sharing hunting grounds is not your thing, discover your own plot of hunting land which you can crown with your very own tiny hunting cabin. No limits. No rules. Hunt Free.

Best Hunting Spots in Tennessee 2022

In Tennessee, hunting is taken very seriously as well as the hunting land available. If you are from Tennessee, you know the tension between the public and the leased hunting grounds. To cut to the chase, Hunting land, and the space to hunt are precious.

The following 5 public hunting spots offer you an idea of where you might want to land your tiny hunting cabin.

Tennessee Public Hunting Land Hotspots

  1. Eagle Creek WMA – 22,900 acres
  2. Browntown WMA – 6,222 acres
  3. Tie Camp WMA – 6,921 acres
  4. Dry Dock WMA – 4,053 acres
  5. Percy Priest WMA – 12,318 acres

If you are into bowhunting check out this article on The scoop on bowhunting in Tennessee!

Buy Your own Tennessee Hunting land!

If hunting “shoulder to shoulder” is not your cup of sweet tea, then consider purchasing your own private land so you can know exactly who is hunting on your plot of land…. And maybe a few other of your buddies. Carving out a hunting ground with a tiny hunting cabin marks a family tradition that you could pass on for generations! You know keep the love of hunting alive n’ well!

See Hunting Lands for Sale in Tennessee

Best Hunting Spots in Kentucky 2022

Hunting in Kentucky is a big deal. With over 1 million deer and seven hunters per square mile, you probably do not need further convincing (especially if you are already a Kentuckian.) Check out the following popular, public hunting spots in Kentucky.  With a tiny hunting cabin close to one of the following locations, you can enjoy hunting to your heart’s content (or at least to the public land’s regulations 😊)

  1. Taylorsville Lake WMA – 9,418 acres
  2. John A. Kleber WMA – 2,334 acres
  3. James R Rich – 1,704 acres
  4. Peabody – 45,738 acres
  5. Pennyrile State Forest – 15,284 acres

Buy your own hunting land in Kentucky!

Perhaps you are ready to dig your hunting roots deep and carve out a piece of land to make it official! If so, check out the following hunting land for sale in Kentucky. Buying land is a huge financial investment and a tiny hunting cabin pairs well with keeping the overall costs low.

See Hunting Land for Sale in Kentucky

How much does a tiny hunting cabin cost?

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How much is a tiny hunting cabin? Well, the answer could depend upon whether you go DIY, Kit, or Prebuilt. To what extent you plan to remodel also impacts final cabin costs. Plus, what size do you wish your tiny hunting cabin to be. Generally, a tiny hunting cabin can cost anywhere from $500 – $23,000.

Let’s break down the costs for the 3 routes to your tiny hunting cabin.

How much does a tiny hunting cabin kit cost?

Tiny cabin kits save you the time of gathering ALL the materials needed for the project. However, to ensure you get everything you “think” is inside a cabin kit, make sure you buy from a reliable cabin kit company.

Plus, consider this word of advice from the Log Home Builders Association. “The total cost the average consumer will pay when the project is complete is three times more than the initial cabin price.”

Tiny Hunting Cabin Kit (Includes the base building)

$5,500 – $15,500

How much does a DIY tiny hunting cabin cost?

DIY provides a unique financial opportunity, especially if you have carpentry skills and connections to free or cheap building materials. Plus, if you have lots of time, building a tiny cabin kit might be just the project for you. However, if you do not have carpentry skills, lots of time, or access to quality, yet cheap building materials, DIY could become more of a headache than a delight. Plus, you may lose money by the end.

DIY Tiny Hunting Cabin (includes the base building)

$500 – $3,000

How much does a prebuilt hunting cabin cost?

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The prebuilt option might be the right fit for you if you do not have lots of time or carpentry skills. Which ultimately saves you money and guarantees you a hunting home base that lasts you for many reliable years of use. Prebuilt may be more expensive than DIY but also comes with no headaches included in the process. NOTE: Make sure to research your prebuilt cabin company to ensure you are purchasing from a trustworthy prebuilt tiny cabin company.

Prebuilt Tiny Hunting Cabin (includes the base building)

$4,500 – $9,500

Bottom Line of hunting cabin prices

Thoughtfully consider your time, your carpentry skills, and your budget when trying to determine which building route is the right route for you and your hunting cabin.

However, if you know right off the bat, that your time is expensive, and your budget is feeling friendly, prebuilt sounds like the answer for you and your tiny hunting cabin!

Overholt & sons prebuilt hunting cabin prices

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Our Hunting Cabins in Tennessee and Kentucky offer you high quality and structurally sound hunting abode. A hunting home base that you can proudly return to after an exhilarating day or night of hunting.

Check out the following hunting cabin sizes along with the price for a base building whose dimensions include a small front porch!

12×16 – $4,935

12×20 – $5,680

12×24 – $6,420

12×28 – $7,165

12×32 – $7,905

12×36 – $8,650

12×40 – $9,390

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