Kids Outdoor Playhouse for Sale

As a child, nothing is better than getting outdoors and playing in the clean air. Unfortunately, in our current age, more and more kids are losing out on the experience of the outdoors. As an adult, our playhouses in KY can serve not only as a quaint addition to a backyard but also give your child a safe and fun setting to play in, letting them make as much of a mess as they wish. With plenty of styles and colors to choose from, you can customize these portable buildings to complement both your backyard and make your child happy.

Gingerbread playhouse

Our line of kids’ playhouses in KY encourages your children to spend more time outdoors away from indoor digital entertainment. The gingerbread is featured with a cute style. The roof is steeper, the walls lower, and the trim a delightful scalloped finish, giving the playhouse an adorable feel while also providing your child with a fun environment. Call us at the location nearest to you with any questions!

outdoor playhouses in ky

Cottage Playhouse

Add a treat to your backyard with one of our perfect-sized outdoor playhouses in KY. Smaller than our other storage buildings, these outdoor playhouses are built with 6-foot-high sidewalls, two cute little windows, shutters, a small flower box, and more. They let children explore their imaginations in a safe and fun environment! Request a quote or stop by our nearest store location!

kids outdoor playhouses in ky

Playhouse Sizes

Our playhouses can be custom-sized to fit you and your children’s needs!

Additional things affecting prices are features, size, etc. We are here to help you find the outdoor storage building you need for your backyard, for a good price.

Playhouse Prices

Starting at:


or $3,390 for a one time payment

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Outdoor Kids Playhouses in KY

When we build an outdoor playhouse in KY we use the same basic materials and layout as we do with our other outdoor buildings but scale it down to a smaller size. For example, the cottage-style playhouse has only 4′ high side walls as opposed to the 6′ side of the deluxe storage sheds or the A-roof woodshed. The gingerbread-style has even shorter walls at about 3″ high. The porch size is also smaller than the playhouses. It usually measures about 4′ deep as opposed to 6′-8′ for the prefab cabins and our other portable buildings. This makes it so that the outdoor playhouses we build are made just for your kids. You can even force your teenagers to have tea parties with the little ones!

Make the Perfect Backyard Escape For Your Kids

Just as you can enjoy your personal space in a hunting blind or an office in a stylish shed, these playhouses in KY are built for your children’s enjoyment. It is a great place for them to have their space to play and call their own. You can customize it to your liking…or more accurately to your kids’ liking. The options are limitless. You can keep a simple minimalist design or you can have a very elaborate building for your kids. Not only are our playhouses in KY built to be fun for your kids, but they can also be fun for you. Playing peek-a-boo, a game of hide-and-seek, or even a tea party. These playhouses in KY provide a great opportunity to spend time with your kids and take your relationship with your kids to the next level. The idea is that you, your child, and in fact, your whole family can enjoy each other's company.