The A-Roof Portable Car Garage

Do you have a small yard–and an equally small budget? We’d love to help you solve both problems! The A-Roof Garage may be just what you’ve been looking for. It’s our smallest garage building, but you can expand your storage area and protect your vehicles and other valuables inside this portable car garage.

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Portable Car Garages Built to Last

You can be confident of the quality of your pre-built garage. While we price our buildings competitively, we choose only premium grade lumber, sourced from Canada’s spruce, pine, and fir forests. We keep costs down through efficient production, rather than through buying inferior materials. This durable garage will add value to your property for years to come.

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Portable Car Garages Built Your Way

No need to skimp on style, either–we offer a range of modern colors and features to help you match your house. Your portable garage will blend beautifully into your home landscape!

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A-Roof Single Car Garage Dimensions

Just how big or small can you order your own prefab garage? Our standard-sized A-Roof garage has a wall height of 7 feet
4 inches, and comes in the following sizes:

Needing more headroom in your prefab garage? Give yourself a space boost with 7 feet 8 inch walls. Want something completely different? We’ll gladly build to match almost any size you’d like for your custom prefab garage. Reach out to us today at (270) 726-7948.

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12 foot wide 14 foot wide
12′×16′ 14′×16′
12′×20′ 14′×20′
12′×24′ 14′×24′
12′×28′ 14′×28′
12′×32′ 14′×32′

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If you still have questions, or want to walk inside a portable car garage before you buy, we’d be delighted to show you around at one of our sales locations. Are you in a hurry for a solution to your garage problem? Our sales lots stock premade garage buildings for sale  that can be delivered immediately to your property. Chat with a service representative about how we can meet your needs!

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Need more ideas for your Portable Car Garage?

Just like the other garage buildings for sale from Overholt, the A-Roof Portable Car Garage has all sorts of uses and can be custom-made to your liking. Consider the following ideas for your own new portable car garage:

  1. Increase the storage area in your 1-car garage with an optional loft, shelves, and/or a workbench.
  2. Make a cozy outdoor work area by insulating your prefab single car garage.
  3. Match your new one car garage to your house with custom colors and finishing.
  4. Looking to save money on the price of your portable garage? Order it unfinished and paint it yourself.

Whatever your objectives, we’d be glad to walk you through your options, offer ideas, and build a garage to your liking. Ready to realize your dreams for a single car garage? Request your FREE garage quote now or give us a call at (270) 726-7948.

How much does a Portable Car Garage cost?

Just like the backyard experience you’re creating, the one car garage you purchase from Overholt & Sons is unique to you. Whether you’re wanting to purchase outright or rent to own , we offer all our customers free estimates of what portable car garages cost. Request a FREE quote here, download a catalog, or call us during business hours at (270) 726-7948.

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