The Deluxe Barn Premade Garage

Would you love to use your garage building for more than just storing your car and tools? We can offer you that space with the Deluxe Barn Garage. It’s versatile, functioning as a garage downstairs for your vehicle and workbench and an office or guest room upstairs in the attached loft. The barn design has a homey, country style, while the extra headroom and second story add space in this premade car garage.

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Premade Garages: Constructed for Quality

We’re proud to offer you premade garages that will last a lifetime. Instead of pushing mass-production in our facility, we focus on customizing our buildings to our customers’ preferences, using premium-grade materials as we build.

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Premade Garages: Finished with Style

If you’re worried that your new premade garage may not fit into your landscape, talk with us about matching the colors and features to your existing home. We stock a range of modern colors, and we will help you find which fit your needs. Take a look at our selection here.

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Premade Garages

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Deluxe Barn Premade Garage Dimensions

What are your size options for your own premade garage? The standard Deluxe Barn garage has a wall height of 6 feet,
6 inches, with these floor dimensions:

Do you need different dimensions than these listed? Let us know how we can customize your premade car garage. We’re delighted to help you find exactly the space you need! Call us today at (270) 726-7948.

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12 foot wide 14 foot wide
12′×16′ 14′×16′
12′×20′ 14′×20′
12′×24′ 14′×24′
12′×28′ 14′×28′
12′×32′ 14′×32′
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Tour a Premade Garage

You’re welcome to look inside a premade car garage at a sales location. We stock many different sizes, if you’re ready to purchase immediately. Our service representatives would love to answer any questions, help you place an order, or schedule a delivery. See the list of sales locations.

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What can you do with your Premade Garage?

Like all our garage buildings, the Deluxe Barn Premade Garage is multi-functional and easily customized. Here are some ideas for your premade car garage:

  1. If your house lacks a basement or upstairs, use the garage loft as an extra storage room.
  2. Convert the garage loft into a cozy guest room for family or friends.
  3. Need a garage with living quarters for your adult children? They can have a place of their own while still being close to you.
  4. Make the garage loft into a snug studio for your art or music hobbies.
  5. For a lower initial cost, you can order your premade garage unfinished and paint it yourself.

No matter your needs, we’re excited to help you look at your options! We’ll answer any questions you may have and build the garage that fits you. You can call us at (270) 726-7948, or get a FREE quote on your garage here.

Price a Premade Garage

You have unique needs, and the premade garage you purchase from Overholt & Sons will be unique to meet those needs.
We guarantee every customer a free estimate of what a premade garage would cost. You can also ask about our easy payment plans when you contact us. Download our catalog, ask for a free quote online, or talk with us at (270) 726-7948.

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