10×12 Sheds – All You Need To Know Before Purchasing

One of the most popular sizes, which we have found to check all the boxes for homeowners, is the 10×12. 10×12 sheds are versatile and mighty structures. Whether you need a space for simple storage and to declutter your home or elevate it to something more, the 10×12 will cover all your needs! Read on to learn how and why this specific shed size is so useful for all homeowners. 

As more and more homeowners are starting to take advantage of backyard sheds, there is one question that keeps coming up in every buyer’s mind. What is the right size shed for my property? This question does not have one single answer and entirely depends on the size of your property, and what you plan on using your shed for. The size will differ if you want to take your shed to the next level and convert it into a sewing room, man cave, or more! 

What Can I Fit Inside A 10×12 Shed?

If you’re worried about a 10×12 shed not having enough room, we have the answers for you! So, what you can fit in a 10×12 shed… the answer is quite a lot. The 10×12 shed is ideal for storing lawn care equipment, bikes, and other sporting equipment. You can also use it for storing household items such as holiday decorations and seasonal clothing. If you need extra space for your home business, a 10×12 shed can easily accommodate a small office, workshop, and even a man cave/she shed. You won’t have to worry about spacing with a 10×12 shed. For example, take a look at the chart below to get a better visual representation of what you can fit in a 10×12 shed. 

what can you fit in a 10x12 shed

How Much Do 10×12 Sheds Cost?

There is no one price for all 10×12 sheds. Each builder and manufacturer will have varying prices. We’ve looked through some of the most popular among them and on average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $3000 – $5000 for a basic 10×12 shed. If you want to further customize your shed with extra windows, doors, ramps, transom, and other add-ons, you should expect a steeper price.

Overholt and Sons uses the highest quality lumber and other equipment to make your shed perfect. We guide you while you create the shed of your dreams. Our most affordable 10×12 shed starts at $3800. 

10x12 shed with ramp

Do I Need A Permit For A 10×12 Shed?

For many homeowners, a shed is a great way to create additional storage space without making major changes to their property. But before you start researching the best sheds and choosing the one you like, it’s important to find out if you need a permit for your shed. In general, most towns and cities require permits for any structure that is over a certain size or that is not considered “temporary.” 

In many cases, a 10×12 shed likely won’t require a permit. At most, your township might require you to efficiently contain the water run-off from your shed. To find out for sure, you’ll need to check with your local building department. They can provide you with the specific requirements for your area. If your township does require a permit, once you have it, you’ll be one step closer to adding your new shed!

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Can I Save Money With A 10×12 Shed?

Most people go into buying a shed with the thought of cleaning up the clutter in their home or creating extra space in their backyard for a hobby. But what many people don’t realize is that a shed can also save you money in so many little ways. For example, if you have an extra freezer in your shed, you can buy food in bulk when it’s on sale and then store it for later. Or, if you choose to renovate your shed and turn it into a little backyard guest room, you can start renting it out to local travelers for extra cash flow.

In addition, a shed can also be a great place to grow your own plants or start a small garden. By taking advantage of the space and resources that a shed provides, you can be sure to save yourself time and money.

10x12 a style shed

3D Shed Builder

Are you a visual learner and want to get more out of the shed buying experience? Well with our 3D Shed Builder you can! This amazing program can be accessed right through our website, with no downloads or anything. You can use it to choose the specific style you have in mind, choose your size, and all of the customization options and add-ons you want. You can also adjust placement and the color of your shed with just the click of a button. The best part? You can also get a free estimate once you’re done customizing! Check out our 3D Shed Builder today!

10x12 3d shed builders

10×12 Shed Styles From Overholt and Sons

Barn Style 10×12 Shed

The barn-style building is one of the most iconic and beloved shed designs in the United States. Most homeowners don’t have the space in their backyard for a full barn, so what is the next best option? A barn-style shed! Don’t be fooled by the looks of the barn-style 10×12 shed. Its functionality surpasses its beauty by giving you the space you need to declutter your home! We have our regular barn-style shed and the deluxe barn shed that comes with extras and add-ons. The barn-style shed will take your backyard to the next level and give you space for life! 

10x12 barn style gray shed for sale in ky

Lancaster Style 10×12 Shed 

Our most luxurious shed design for customers with a larger budget. The Lancaster will not disappoint. It has more customization options and features compared to our other shed styles. Our favorite part of Lancaster is its beautiful steeper roof pitch, which gives you more space than ever! With all of these features, the Lancaster shed has one of the sharpest and most eloquent looks in the shed market. Check them out today! 

blue lancaster 10x12 shed

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