Turn a Prebuilt Cabin into a Haven (12 Ideas)

12 Ideas for Making a Prebuilt Cabin Space into an Extraordinary Living Area

The weather keeps getting colder as we flip calendar pages, and retreating to a cozy spot sounds perfect right now. Here’s good news: if you’re dreaming of weekends away, our prebuilt cabins are just what you need to find your peaceful place.

Our team at Overholt & Sons can provide you with your own little lodge to stow your gear and settle in for a vacation, whether it’s just for a few days–or a few weeks!

You can make our prebuilt cabins reflect what you love, too. We’ve scoured the internet for innovative features and furniture you can add to make your cabin work hard for you. Here are 12 of the best.

1. Turn your overhead space into a snug loft

Climb the ladder and sleep away your nights tucked under the eaves. Elevating your bed leaves the rest of your floor plan for other uses–like space for overstuffed couches and a larger kitchen for entertaining friends and family. Let’s face it, they’ll be begging to come over and share the fun!

cozy bunk prebuilt cabin hideaway idea for pre built cabin

If you want to leave your ceiling open, simplify the loft idea and just elevate the bed. A simple ladder still provides access to your sleeping quarters.

bunk bed idea for pre built cabin

2. Find a bed with storage underneath–or another bed

If you’re just not up to climbing a ladder to your bed, consider these beds with storage beneath the mattress. All those clothes, games, and survival gear you’re wondering why you brought? No worries. These roomy drawers will store them out of sight.

elevated floating bed idea for pre built cabin

Get twice the sleeping space with this couch! You can use it in your living room during the day;  then when night comes, the top easily converts to a daybed and the bottom pulls out to a trundle bed. It’s perfect for sleepovers with kids or grandkids!

modern stowaway couch bed pre built cabin space saving idea

3. Build bunk beds for two or more

These built-in bunk beds also made the list of ingenious sleeping quarters. They are great for kids, too–add them to a loft or the back corner of your prebuilt cabin to give them their very own space to curl up after a long day.

compact roomy bunk bed idea for pre built cabin

4. Add a ladder with shelves

Maximize your space with this stylish and inventive ladder. If you decide to add a loft to your prebuilt cabin, you can get extra storage under your stairs. Stow extra bedding or blankets to grab on the way up to bed!

ladder shelves idea for pre built cabin

5. Line your walls with bookshelves

Add these bookshelves to your prebuilt cabin. Your books will love living on these shelves, and they will welcome you when you come to get away. Lose yourself in a story on a weekend away–you’ll come back relaxed and ready to take on your own life again.

bookshelves in wall space saving design for pre built cabin 800x533

6. Fill a corner with shelves

Use every corner when you hang these shelving systems! Your spouse’s DVD collection slowly becoming obsolete because of Netflix, those vinyl from Grandma your daughter inexplicably loves–no need to insist they’re left at home! There’s space for whatever makes your weekend at the cabin better.

pre built cabin corner shelves space saving idea

7. Use a ladder for a pot rack–or an art display

Limited cupboard space? With a short ladder, you can hang all your bulky pots, pans, or baskets out of the way. Bonus: they’ll also be more accessible when you’re cooking in a hurry. The family won’t need to wait as long for their chili supper!

If you’re not tired of ladders yet, here’s yet another use for them in your cabin–displaying your favorite artwork and collectibles. Paint them and hang them horizontally for an eye-catching gallery of your favorite memories. It’s sure to start conversations you’ll treasure.

8. Invest in space-saving tables and seats

This table, bench, and storage set slide against the wall when you’re not using it. It’s perfect to clear the floor after mealtimes–your family and friends won’t be bumping into each other on the way to do the dishes!

9. Install a table that folds up

Sized just right for one or two, this table easily folds up when it’s time to drink your morning joe and surf the news. If you need the space for the rest of your day, drop it down and away. It’ll stay tucked against the wall until you need it again!

folding table space saving design for pre built cabin

10. Get a desk that folds against the wall

If you must bring work from the office–or if you finally have time to write those Christmas cards you’ve been putting off, this desk is perfect. It folds out from the wall, giving you space for your laptop or notes. Tuck any other supplies behind the handy bar in the back. When you’re finished, fold it up and forget your work!

fold up desk for space saving designs in pre built cabins

11. Make your porch inviting

Be sure to add rockers or chairs to the front porch. When you or your guests get cabin fever, spill out onto the porch to chat in the sunshine, or watch the wildlife from your perch. You can always bring out your cozy blankets if it’s cold or snowy, and watch the snowflakes drift down.

cozy porch furniture pre built cabin layouts

12. Build or buy an outdoor stove

Building a fire pit isn’t as hard as it looks with these simple step-by-step tutorials. The built-in grate gives you options in grilling– you can sear juicy steaks, cook hamburgers, or roast kebabs. Of course, you could always stick with the classic camping meal: break out the sticks and roast hotdogs and marshmallows!

outdoor stone firepit idea for pre built cabins

Draw up a few chairs and stay warm as you watch the flames in this steel stove. If you get hungry, it also has a grate for baking or cooking. The assembly is simple, and the stove will provide a glow through the hours you spend with your family outdoors.

outdoor fireplace patio for pre built cabin

Why are you still reading? Call our expert team at 270-726-7948 to order your prebuilt cabin today! Made to order with fine craftsmanship, our work and customer service will exceed your expectations. It’s time you enjoyed your own prebuilt cabin retreat!

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