A Prefab Shed For a Better Life

For most of us, when we think of what’s most important to us in life, we think right away of our family, friends, and pets. Right? We don’t want to spend most of our days bothered by tools, decorations, and memorabilia when we can enjoy relationships. For better or for worse, this stuff is a part of life, and we must deal with it. How well we deal with stuff can negatively or positively affect our relationships. The point of owning worthwhile things should be to make life enjoyable and meaningful for the ones we care about the most. Yet what happens when all that stuff starts getting in the way of living? That’s where a prefab shed comes in.

We all have stuff around we’re not actively using, that comes in handy when the time is right. Also, you might have a lot of family relics and heirlooms that are priceless to you—perhaps old photos, antiques, or priceless inventions. You should have a way to care for your most valuable treasures. Keeping too much stuff in your house can leave your valuables where they’re in the way or can be easily broken. You can avoid this problem with a quality prefab shed or garage.

Your sentimental stuff is the most important to you, but your tools and supplies matter too. Perhaps you need a place to store a lawn mower or the table and chairs that you use some of the time, but take up valuable space all of the time. These things are important too—you don’t want to throw everything that you are not using at the moment that will come in handy when the time is right.

Sometimes we all need to pare down a bit on our stuff and get rid of what we don’t need, but sometimes we just need more safe space to store things in, so we can free our homes and lives for a better living. You could always consider adding to your house or renting long-term storage, but most don’t have the money just sitting around for a home renovation and don’t have the time to run back and forth from a storage facility. This is where a prefab shed or garage can be a great fit—unlike a costly home expansion or unsustainable long-term storage, a shed provides a convenient and affordable solution for decluttering your home, protecting your valuables, and improving your life.

Which Prefab Shed is a fit for you?

You’ll want to think carefully about your specific situation and needs before you choose a specific prefab shed. How many items do you need to store in the building? Do you want to move everything you have sitting in your backyard or garage? Perhaps you want to empty out your basement too, so you make it into a space for spending quality time with your family? Maybe your needs extend beyond storage, and you’d like to create a new space for a hobby or workshop as well. Of course, you also want a shed that will look nice on your property, perhaps even matching the color and style of your house.

Whatever you’re hoping for in a new building, we’re glad to help you find the perfect prefab shed to improve your life. Let’s start by looking at the different styles you can buy locally in Kentucky and Tennessee from Overholt and Sons.

The Barn Prefab Shed

buy barn prefab shed in ky 1200x800
Barn Shed

The gambrel-style roof on this shed makes it perfect if you’re looking for a compact storage building. The iconic, symmetrical, two-sided peak with two slopes on each side makes this shed exceptionally roomy while keeping it affordable. It’s the definition of a simple and elegant shed!

The Quaker Prefab Shed

10x16 prefab shed 1200x900
Quaker Shed

If you are looking for outdoor storage that will stand out from the rest, you should consider the quaker shed. The quaker’s unique style features an asymmetrical roof and stylish overhanging in the front. For solving your storage needs with a splash of style, the Quaker is an amiable backyard companion.

The A-Roof Prefab Shed

wood prefab sheds for sale in ky
A-Roof Shed

If you’d rather get the job done with a  balanced and clean modern look, check out the A-Roof Shed. The roof style is simple and symmetrical, making it an easy match for almost any house. You’ll be surprised by the amount of space available in this straightforward prefab shed.

The Deluxe Barn Prefab Shed

buy prefab sheds sale near me ky 1200x800
Deluxe Barn

The Deluxe Barn is the prefab shed with the last word on gigantic backyard storage. With a shed this size you can store most any equipment. Just add a ramp and make it a cinch to access your ATV or other lawn and garden tools and equipment. This is a big shed with a ton of potential.

The Lancaster Prefab Shed

prefab shed lancaster style storage shed ky
Lancaster Shed

The Lancaster Prefab will not be mistaken for any other run-of-the-mill sheds. With its steep, poignant roof pitch, beautiful shuttered windows, and other remarkable features, it’s nearly the ultimate prefab shed.

How can a prefab shed be customized?

We hope that one of the shed styles above caught your eye and you like it. You might be missing an important feature you were hoping to see, however. That’s really not a problem—a prefab shed is built before we deliver it, but it can absolutely be customized however you’d like to see it. You probably have a special set of colors you’d like to see on your shed, but there’s plenty more options you can choose to make your shed perfect for you.

The way you customize your prefab shed depends largely on what you want to have in it. The team here at Overholt & Sons is glad to design the right shed for you. If you’re hoping for a well-lighted space, you can opt for larger windows, extra windows, and even transom windows in a shed dormer for really letting the sunshine in. You can make those windows decorative with shutters and flower boxes for an extra sense of satisfaction every time you are looking at it. For even more light and usefulness, we can add an electrical package which typically includes a panel, three receptacles and a ceiling-mounted light fixture.

Speaking of usefulness, it’s a good idea to add a ramp to your building to make it more accessible to get your ATV with ease. Every building comes with two standard vents, but you can add garden vents for an extra special style, or opt for our ridge vent to keep your prefab extra cool by allowing the heat to escape where it builds up—right at the peak of your building. From cupolas to shelves, workbenches, porches, and more, there’s a ton of options we offer for customizing your shed. Explore for yourself on our options and features pages.

Will a shed really make my life better?

We hope that your decision to buy or not to buy a prefab shed is based on whether or not it will improve your life. Obviously, a tool is only as good as you’re able to use it. A shed can’t keep your life organized, but it can give you extra space if you need it. In addition to recommending a loft, shelves, or workbench as needed, checkout tips for keeping your shed or garage organized.

Are you ready to get a prefab shed in your backyard?

By now you might know which style you want and what options you’d like to add to your prefab shed. If you’re lean on budget, you may opt for our rent-to-own purchasing option. What’s next step? You can contact us directly or fill out our online form to get a FREE QUOTE. We will be more than happy to help you with any questions that concern you have as you step towards a better life with the help of a prefab shed.

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