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What Kind Of Shelter Does A Horse Need?

Although there are different types of horse shelters like barns and run-ins, the overall rules of horse shelters stay the same. A horse needs a shelter that is large enough for him to move around comfortably, with enough headroom to allow him to stand up and lie down. A good rule of thumb is to provide at least a hundred square feet per horse. 

The recommended stall size for an average horse is 10 by 12 feet. The ceiling should be 5 to 9 feet tall. Hay and straw can be used as bedding material in the shed, and there should also be a fresh water supply available at all times. By taking these steps, you can provide your horse with a comfortable and safe place to stay.

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Do Horses Legally Have to Have a shelter?

Although there is no specific law that requires you to provide horse shelters for your horses, it is generally recommended to give your horse that extra safety and protection for their own good. The primary benefits of horse shelters include: 

  • Protection from extreme weather
  • Keeping your horse free from drafts
  • Giving your horse a dry place to bed down
  • Less chance of injury to your horse

These are essential for your horse’s health, and that’s why a shelter is recommended. 

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Can horses live without a horse shelter?

Of course, they can! Horses are resilient animals that can adapt to a variety of living conditions. In the wild, horses often live in open plains or woodlands, with little more than a tree for shelter. Similarly, many working horses, such as those used for racing or police work, do not have their own stall or shelter. So generally, your horses would be fine without a shelter but still consider that every horse is different. 

Some horses without horse shelters may become anxious and stressed, which can lead to health problems. In addition, a shelter provides protection from the elements, offering horses a safe place to rest and escape from harsh weather conditions. Ultimately, while horses can live without a shelter, it is not recommended as it can negatively impact their health and wellbeing.

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how much do horse shelters cost?

The cost of a horse shelter depends on the number of stalls you need and the number of horses you have. You can generally expect to pay between $5000 to $10,000 for a 2 stall prefab horse barn. We have a variety of style options and payment options to choose from. We want your horse to receive the protection and safety it needs. Request a free quote or contact us to learn more about our horse barns and other outdoor structures! 

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How Big Does My Horse Shelter Have To Be?

The type of horse you have and its age can make it hard to know what size horse shelter you need. Here is a quick and easy infographic for you to get the right information for your horses!

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Can Horse Shelters Affect Horse Health

Horse shelters will most definitely affect your horse’s health! A horse shelter is more than just a roof over a horse’s head. It’s a place where the horse can escape harsh weather, find refuge from predators, and rest peacefully. A happy horse is a healthy horse, and the right shelter gives horses a sense of security and worry-free headspace. 

But did you know that the design of horse shelters can also impact the health of its occupants? Yes, you must ensure that the horse barn you decide to build or purchase is not too small. If that is the case, your horses may be unable to lie down comfortably, which can lead to joint problems. 

Other problems include:

Lack of Ventilation – leads to the growth of bacteria and fungi, which causes respiratory problems. 

Inadequate Shade –  If the shelter does not provide adequate shade, horses may be susceptible to sunburn and heat stress. 

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Horses in Hot Weather

Without a place to keep your horse safe, its risk of suffering from heat-related illness also increases. Horses are clad in a thick coat of fur, which makes them well-suited for surviving cold weather. But when temperatures start to climb, that same coat can become a liability. 

As a result, the horse can quickly become overheated. Signs of heat stress include increased heart and respiratory rates, increased sweating, and muscle tremors. If left unchecked, heat stress can lead to serious problems such as stroke or heat exhaustion. 

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Horses in Cold weather

Although a horse’s thick fur won’t be as big a problem as it is during hot weather, cold weather still brings its own number of health issues. From more respiratory infections to arthritis, caring for your horse during extreme weather is something that has to be a priority. 

One of the most common problems is cold weather colic, which is caused by the muscles in the horse’s gut constricting in response to the cold. This can lead to gas build-up and stomach pain. 

Another concern is that horses may not be able to get enough calories during the winter months, as they burn more energy trying to keep warm. This can result in weight loss and poor conditioning. In addition, horses are more susceptible to injuries during the winter due to the icy conditions. 

By taking precautions like providing a horse shelter for your horse, you can ensure that they can avoid these problems all while having a warm, safe, and relaxing place to call their own. 

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Looking for horse shelters for your horse? Rest assured that Overholt and Sons will do everything for your horses to keep them safe and relaxed. We’ve been in the outdoor structure industry for over 40 years! That means four decades of experience. We pride ourselves on customer service, and we care about your needs. Whether you have a workhorse, a pleasure horse, or even a show horse, we have the knowledge to help you provide them with the best shelter! Fill out a free quote to get an estimate on your personalized horse barn, or contact us today to get started! We can’t wait to see you! 

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