21 Ways You Can Use A Small Shed To Get The Most Out Of It

Small storage sheds have become a vital part of our everyday lives. Almost everyone owns or uses a storage shed nowadays.

One reason for the growing popularity of small outbuildings is that they can be used for much more than just storing the lawnmower. Shed owners are discovering that the building they once used for storage can be used for just about anything imaginable.

What size does a shed need to be before it’s no longer a “small shed”? For the sake of this article, we’ll define a small shed as anything with 100 square feet of interior space or less. So the popular 8×12 shed would still be considered a small shed.

Here are 21 creative ways to use a small shed in your backyard.

1. Potting Shed

small shed

Add a few extra south-facing windows or skylights to your small storage shed and turn it into a potting shed. With a potting shed, you can keep the mess out of your house or garage and still have a sheltered place to work while the chilly spring winds blow. Give your plants a sheltered place to get started with backyard shed design ideas.

2. Garden Tool Storage

Nurture your green thumb with a well-organized shed for garden tool storage. You know that gardening goes better with the right tools, so why not keep them easily accessible for those moments when you need them most. Place your garden shed next to your garden and never again wander around looking for that missing tool.

3. Dog Kennel

dog kennel shelter

If you need to move your dog out of the house, a small shed can easily be turned into a luxury dog house. Insulate the walls and ceiling to help regulate the temperature and install a doggy door to allow your dog to access an outdoor exercise space. A small shed turned dog kennel is also a great place for helping and raising puppies.

4. Chicken Coop

chicken coop near me

Your chickens need a secure space that’s protected from predators. Easily turn your small shed into a chicken coop by adding roosting bars and nesting boxes. You can even add a chicken door with a fenced-in run area to allow your chickens to come and go at will. You’ll look forward to going out to your shed every morning to gather fresh eggs.

5. Firewood Storage

Build a small shed with an open front and you have a space that’s well suited for storing firewood. Your firewood will burn cleaner and hotter if it’s been protected from soaking rains and allowed to cure in a well-ventilated space for at least 6 months. Pack your small shed with firewood in the spring for the following winter’s supply of home heating fuel.

6. Concession Stand

portable small shed concession
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If you’ve caught the entrepreneurial bug, you might consider turning a small shed into a concession stand. Cut a serving window in the one side and you’re all set to serve up those yummy hamburgers or smoothies. A small shed doesn’t require a huge monetary investment, so you might end up turning a profit sooner than you think.

7. Animal Shelter

get Horse-run-in-shed-and-chicken-coop-designs-in-ky
a horse run in shed

Your small flock of sheep or goats will benefit from a small shed turned animal shelter. Protect your animals from the cold wind and rain with an animal shed that allows them to come and go at will. An animal shelter also provides a protected area where you can feed your animals without needing to worry about rain spoiling the feed.

8. Writing or Art Studio

art studio small shed
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Let your creativity flow in the quiet spaces of a small shed turned writing or art studio. Finish the inside of a small shed to create a comfortable space that you can go to when you need a quiet moment to focus on an important project. A dedicated writing or art studio allows you to work on projects without needing to clean up in between sessions.

9. Backyard Office

business office small shed

If your business has outgrown your home you might want to consider moving your operations into a small backyard shed. A small shed makes an office space that is free from distractions while giving you the flexibility and convenience of working from home. Say goodbye to traffic jams with a small backyard office shed.

10. Bicycle Storage

If you use your bicycle frequently you might benefit from a small shed for bicycle storage. You don’t always want to dig your bicycle out of the garage. In addition, you’ll enjoy a garage with less clutter and more parking space. Protect your bicycle from the weather and from theft with an easily accessible bicycle storage shed.

11. Pool House

pool house small shed
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A small shed beside your pool is an excellent resource for storing all of your pool toys after the day’s play is done. It also can be used as a convenient changing room for you and your guests. Add a porch or attach a pergola to your pool house for a shaded area to rest when the sun is too hot.

12. Patio Furniture Storage

patio storage small shed

Sometimes it’s difficult to find storage for seasonal items. Your patio furniture is too valuable to let it out all winter when it’s not being used. A small shed near your patio can be a handy place to store your patio furniture during the off-season or when you need to protect it from wet weather.

13. Lawn Tool Storage

If your garage is about to explode from all of the stuff you’re trying to store in it, you’ll probably be better off getting a small shed for your yard and garden tools. Not only will your tools be more accessible when you need them, but you’ll also free up valuable parking space in your garage.

Outdoor wood boiler housing

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Are you looking for an inexpensive way to heat your home without the mess and risk that comes with burning firewood in the house? An outdoor wood boiler in a small shed is a clean, safe, and cost-efficient way to heat your home. Invest in a small shed and wood boiler for peace of mind and a reduction in your fuel bill.

15. Children’s Playhouse

small shed gingerbread

Give your children a dedicated play space and let them engage in imaginative play in their own small shed-turned outdoor playhouse. A children’s playhouse is a great place for creating memories with your kids. Not to mention the unforgettable moments your children will experience in their personal playground, it also helps to keep your house cleaner and less cluttered.

16. Storm Shelter

In some parts of the country, a violent summer storm can creep up without warning. Small sheds make excellent storm shelters along footpaths and hiking trails with heavy foot traffic. If you’ve ever been caught in a storm while on foot you know that a small shed can become a valuable place of refuge.

17. Mobile Storage Unit

backyard small shed storage

Is your housing situation about to be disrupted by a move or remodeling? Since many shed builders offer rent-to-own, you might be able to get a small shed at an affordable price for short-term storage. Small rent-to-own sheds make ideal storage units when you need a little extra space to fill in the gaps.

18. Animal Feed Storage

Animal feed such as hay and grain needs to be shielded from moisture and protected against scavenging rodents. Instead of hauling all of that feed from the barn every time, why not get a small shed and place it near your feeding area. You can save your energy and speed up your chores with small feed storage shed.

19. Small Shed Recording Studio

A small shed can be insulated and finished on the inside to create just the right kind of acoustical effect for your next recording. Avoid studio rental fees when you have your own. Plus you’ll have the ability to customize your small shed studio and make it just the way you want it.

20. Trash Shed

Hide unsightly trash and keep it safe from scavengers with a trash shed. Improve the appearance and appeal of your property by placing your trash inside an attractive small shed. Your trash shed could also become a convenient spot to keep your outdoor cleanup tools.

21. Camping Shed

small shed cabin

Do you own a piece of land that’s ideal for camping? Why not try camping in a shed. A camping shed is more secure and better protected from inclement weather, and you won’t need to take the time to set up a tent every time. Enjoy the evening in front of your campfire before retiring to your prefab cabin shed for the night.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. You can most likely think of many more ways to use a small shed.

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