Utility Sheds Facts, Sizes, & Features

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How much do utility sheds cost?

We have utility sheds for you! Are you looking for a reliable and quality-built utility shed? A space where you can store your work equipment, lawn care items, or excess storage? Or maybe you are planning to turn a utility shed into an equipment/workspace.

If so, keep on reading to discover how much a utility shed costs along with its popular sizes, and ideal shed features. Plus, in the end, you can check out frequently asked questions revolving around our utility sheds.


How much does a utility shed cost in Kentucky and Tennessee?

The A Roof shed model is the most common utility shed style. The following sizes are popular for utility sheds.

Take a moment to discover which size best suits your situation along with the base price for each.

  • 12×20 A Roof – approximately $5,615
  • 12×24 A Roof – approximately $6,456 
  • 14×24 A Roof -approximately $7,269 
  • 14×32 A Roof -approximately $9,144  

All the above sheds include double doors of either the Classic Double, Standard Double, or Homestead Double styles. Plus, two vents are included in the base price.

If you want additional features, such as windows, a ramp, etc., check out the following utility shed features.

Ideal utility Shed features to optimize your space

While some just keep their shed as is, others prefer to optimize their space for better functionality and use.

Ideal features to add to your utility shed are:

  • Windows
  • An extra vent
  • Electrical package
  • Ramp
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Windows add natural lighting (saves on the use of electricity) and allow for better airflow during the warmer months of the year. Adding windows can cost between $75 to $90 dollars each depending upon the style you choose.

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Depending on how you are planning to use your utility shed, having an additional vent beside the two vents already built into your shed could really help keep the dust, dirt, or equipment smells at bay. An additional vent costs approximately $25.

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If you are planning on running power tools or enjoying synthetic lighting for dark evenings, nights, or rainy days, you can save time and effort by adding one of our electrical packages. The electrical package includes a 125-amp panel, 3 receptacles, and a 4’ light. This addition costs approximately $350.

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If you are planning to store lawnmowers or other lawn care items with wheels, a ramp comes in very handy. Our ramps are built very durable and up to 6’ long. The cost for a ramp is approximately $150.

Facts, Questions, and answers about our utility sheds

Does overholt & sons offer utility shed services near me?

There is a good chance we do. We offer our shed services throughout Kentucky and parts of Tennessee. Check out our sales lot page to see if your location fits into our service radius or you can contact us to confirm your location as well.

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What’s the average size of a utility shed?

The average size of a utility shed is either 12×20 or 12×24. However, were offer a variety of sizes that you can explore on our 3D shed builder. Our 3D shed builder allows you to determine the size of shed you need, within the options we offer. Try it today!

Does overholt & sons offer financing?

We do not currently offer any financing options. However, we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about the prices of our utility sheds. If you download our free catalog, you will be able to an ideal price listing there.

How can I get a free quote?

A. Getting a free quote is a simple and stress-free process. You can either go to our website and on the top right corner, you will find our free quote form. However, since you asked, you can access our free quote form right here.

Get your very own utility shed today!

Are you ready to own a high-quality and beautifully crafted space for your tools, lawn care equipment, or workshop ventures?

If so, our utility sheds have got your back! Enjoy the feeling of pride that comes with owning a utility shed that will last you for years of reliable use.

Your storage and space need matter. You are on the right track.

Your ideal utility shed awaits! Get started on getting a free quote OR if you still have more questions, you can contact us.

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