What’s the picture that comes to mind when you think of a small cabin? You probably don’t think of a storage shed. A traditional cabin scene typically features a log structure with a slate or wood-shingled roof and smoke curling out of a stone chimney. That’s quite different from the structures we build here at our Kentucky Outdoor Storage Shed Company. So what do storage sheds and small cabins have in common?

The type of structures we build here (that fit on the back of a delivery truck) can certainly make quite pleasant small cabins. Whether in a backyard or backwoods, our small cabins provide a uniquely affordable and efficient way to bring your lodging dreams to life.

4 Uses for a Small Cabin

So what are some of the ideal uses for a small cabin like this? We have a few ideas from our experience—check them out below and then let us know about yours!

1. Use a Small Cabin as a Hunting Lodge

If you have the privilege of owning a parcel of land in the mountains, but without any structures, you should consider upgrading to a base camp. A small cabin provides a dry and comfortable shelter for your and your gear–a perfect launchpad for your next expedition.

mountain hunting lodge

The nice thing about this solution: it’s ready to roll (Assuming we can drive to your drop spot.) All you need is to furnish a simple lodge like this is a bed and table, provided that you’re content to pee in the woods 😎.

2. Treat your Children to an Extraordinary Playhouse

Here’s a different twist: you don’t need a mountainous woodland to justify owning a small cabin. Many folks like you are buying these buildings for their backyards! Why? Just think of the fun and excitement created by one of these structures for your children and/or grandchildren (if you live to see both, we believe your cabin will too)!

small cabin playhouse for sale in Kentucky and Tennessee

Through the eyes of a child, these little buildings marvelously transform into a towering medieval castle, a stately ship on the glistening ocean, or a dungeon deep in the underground. PLEASE NOTE that we take no responsibility for the ramifications of your children’s imaginations.

3. Treat Yourself to a Personal Retreat

In the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes what we need is a chance to get away and soak up a bit of peace and quiet. I don’t know what it’s like for you, but many of us need more than even a quiet day at home—either our home’s aren’t quiet or they surround us with reminders of all the things we still need to do. When you need to be revived and refocused in life, getting away may be just what the doctor ordered.

personal retreat backwoods cabin in tn

These little structures are an excellent fit as a personal retreat, and you may also consider “spreading the love” by extending your resource to others in your social network who need the same opportunity—positioning you to give back to the world, your friends, and family. A personal retreat cabin could be your next step towards a life that’s worth living.

4. Profit from a Small Cabin Guest House

Let me pitch a scenario: your house is small or fully occupied, but you’d like to make space for friends and family from out of the area, or perhaps even make some extra cash by hosting folks in your area with VRBO or Airbnb. There may be a better solution than stuffing guests in the basement.

small cabin guest house for sale in kentucky

By starting with a small cabin, and finishing out the inside, you can create clean and cozy accommodations without a lot of a headache or overhead. It’s simple: 1. Buy a small cabin. 2. Add plumbing, electricity, and furnishings. 3. Profit!

5 Creative Ideas for Small Cabins

Idea 1: Go Off Grid with your Cabin

This concept may sound a bit off the grid, but we don’t believe it’s off the wall. If you’re placing your cabin in a remote area, you’ll likely want to think about getting power there eventually. Solar panels are an obvious choice, windmills work well in the mountains, and you might even consider water turbine generators if you have flowing water nearby.

Here’s a story: When Bob Ritzman wanted a small cabin in Montana, he found one far off the beaten path, with only a wind turbine, solar panels, and a huge battery bank. The third night in their new cabin they woke up to the sound of silence. No refrigerator humming, no furnace fan, no wind…just cold silence.

Check out the full article at Today’s Homeowner to see what his solution was.

Is Solar Power Right for Your Cabin?

Whether you want your small cabin for a hunting getaway on a secluded mountain, or you’re just looking to escape the hustle and bustle of life, consider going solar! If you’d like to combat humidity and make your cabin comfortable, you can even run air conditioning on solar power.

Weighing the pros of solar power versus the cons may differ in each situation. Do your research or hire a professional to make a decision that’s right for you. For more information on considerations and benefits of solar power in a cabin, check out cabinlife.com.

Idea 2: Make a Luxury Resort with Small Cabins

Do you have land available in a private setting? Consider building a luxury resort with multiple small cabins! Dunton Hot Springs is “an incredible little ghost town in an alpine alley with mountain views and a waterfall”. Visit tinyhousetalk.com for more on this great small cabin idea.

Idea 3: Ever Thought of Floating a Cabin?

A small cabin on top of a lake? Yes, you read that right. Come along for a look at what is called a float cabin. This is not a houseboat since technically it’s not a boat. You see, a houseboat is typically powered and moves from place to place. A floating cabin, on the other hand, does just that…it floats. A special breed of small cabins, they are permanently anchored to the shore.

Come along for a visit with Margy and Wayne Lutz in this fascinating video showing off their 420 square foot float cabin.

Idea 4: Make your Cabin Compact with a Spiral Staircase

If you want to save on space while also making an overhead loft as accessible as possible, consider a spiral stairway. Not only is this practical, but it also adds a certain charm. Plus, you’ll feel better about your children running up and down from the loft with the added safety. Using native lumber can help bring the outdoors in!

Idea 5: Insulate your Cabin with an Ancient Technique

There are some intriguing ideas coming out of the tiny house craze. When Community Forests International ran their Backwoods Cabin of the Future competition, they saw entries from 62 designers and architects from 24 countries. The winner used an insulation method found in a 700-year-old building in Germany.

If you’re the adventurous type, you might be able to use the very same technique in a small prefab cabin. Interested? Perhaps you’d enjoy a field trip to Community Forest’s Rural Innovation Campus.

Looking for more ideas for making the best use of a small cabin? Checkout our blog post 12 Ways to Turn a Pre-built Cabin into Your Own Haven.

Small Cabins from Overholt

Whether you want to take your small cabin out in the hinterlands and go solar, need a simple hunting lodge, want to feed a healthy childhood with a playhouse, or merely seek a cozy hideaway to simply “get away”, we’ve got just the thing for you or your family! Take a look at these beautiful small cabins.

end portch small portable cabin

Cabin with End-Porch

Small Cabin with End-Porch

To maximize on the amount of space you can get in a small cabin, you should opt for a cabin designed with an end-porch. This style of cabin gives you lots of usable area on the inside, with the added perk of a full-width loft area above the porch for sleeping or storage space.

kentucky small cabin with side porch

Cabin with Side-Porch

Small Cabin with Side-Porch

If you’re into a cabin style that adds character by breaking up the monotony of the long side wall, a cabin with a side-porch may be just the thing. Choose this style for a playhouse or compact living in a tidy package.

the lancaster small cabin kentucky

The Lancaster Cabin

The Lancaster Small Cabin

Looking for a small affordable cabin design that doesn’t skimp on the looks? You’ll want to examine our Lancaster-style premium small cabin style. Not only does this offer a steeper roof slope for more overhead area, but you can also jazz up the design and bring more sun shine in with transom and dormer windows, insulated doors, and more!

As with all our portable buildings, you can rest assured our small cabins are built to last using quality materials and workmanship. We stand behind the structures we produce. Request a free quote, give us a call at 270-726-7948, or come visit us at one of our convenient display lots in Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee—we’d be glad to show you around!

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