Uniqueness of the Two Story Shed

The TWO STORY SHED has a lot of storage space. Available up to 32′ long, this two story building will not be filled for a long time. That is the possibility of having up to 1000 sq ft of storage. Our other storage buildings max out at about 500 sq ft floor space. So at twice the size, the two story shed is unique and stands head and shoulders above the rest of anything else we offer. To get started, call us at (270) 726-7948. We have a sales rep in our office Monday thru Friday from 7am to 5pm.

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Dual-Purpose Shed

Not only do these two story sheds have lots of room, they also have good options for keeping possessions organized and categorized. The structure is a great layout for having two different storage sections. Some people use the bottom section as a garage and the top as miscellaneous storage. Some even use the top as living quarters and the bottom as storage. Whatever the case, the two story shed has lots of storage options.

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Modular Shed

Our two story sheds are built and assembled in modules. Because of height restrictions we cannot haul these buildings as two story units. We prefabricate each module–the lower story module and the top story module—at our central location in Russellville, KY. Then we haul them to the installation site and assemble them at the customer’s requested spot. The result: a spacious two story shed.

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Competitive Prices

Each two story shed we build we work hard to build well yet competitively. We value being economical with our time. This helps us keep our cost down, which in turn affects our customers. We are determined to find affordable storage solutions.

Our two story shed prices start at $8,190. Additional things affecting the price are the features, the size, and more. We are here to build the outdoor storage building you need.

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