What a 12x20 Shed Offers YOU!

Are you ready to receive a surefire solution for making your space functional, PLUS, beautiful, AND, in the process increase your home’s value? Not to mention you walk away with the satisfaction of setting your home apart from the rest of your neighborhood.

If so, investing in a tasteful 12x20 backyard shed provides you with an affordable ticket to a more appealing property and a more functional life!

Conquering Those 12x20 Shed Questions Like a Boss

You are onto something good! It is no doubt your mind has already been hard at work figuring out the best shed for your specific needs.

If you already know what you want, and that is a 12x20 shed, keep on scrolling to discover your ideal style for your 12x20 Shed along with prices.

However, perhaps you feel a bit of uncertainty about a 12x20 being the right size for you. You may also wonder…

  • What space does a 12x20 really offer me? Is it enough?
  • What is the ideal use of a 12x20 Shed?
  • Do I need a permit?
  • How much will it cost?

Your desire for complete certainty is understood, and you are not alone in your questions. Enjoy receiving answers to these questions as well as the confidence in knowing a 12x20 shed is the right fit for you.

Get ready to uncover the details about a 12x20 shed as well as your ideal 12x20 shed.

How Much Space Does a 12x20 Shed Offer?

12x20 Sheds For Sale

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How many square feet is a 12x20 shed? A 12x20 shed offers you precisely 240 square feet, which offers you space about 15.49 feet by 15.49 feet. Grab your tape measurer, or even a plain standard piece of white paper, and make markings out in your backyard to determine if those feet fit into your yard’s “shoe “size 😉.

In the meantime, imagine a space large enough to comfortably fit one vehicle, plus a bit more space for small garden tool storage or walking room, even a workbench.

For a more visual tool, check out How to Visualize Square Feet.

So, with the image of a space large enough to comfortably house your vehicle [plus a bit more space for garden tool storage, etc..] let us answer the following popular 12x20 space questions.

☁️ Would my lawn tractor fit inside a 12x20 shed?

🔎 Yes, in fact, you could possibly fit 3 inside a 12x20 shed.

☁️ Would an ATV or golf cart fit inside a 12x20 Shed?

🔎 Indeed. In fact, you could fit both inside a 12x20 shed.

☁️ Is a 12x20 shed large enough for a hobby center?

🔎 The answer depends on how big your hobby has grown, but generally, a 12X20 can hold your big ideas and creativity like nobody’s business. 😊

Make a Potential Items List if You Wish…

12x20 Sheds For Sale In Ky
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One way to further confirm that a 12x20 shed is the right size, is to write down on piece of paper everything you might wish to store inside your shed.

Even if you are envisioning a hobby shop or a home office it is still helpful to write down what you are hoping to fill it with presently and in the future.

Let the list begin!

  • My garden tractor
  • Bins of seasonal decorations
  • A couch
  • My painting supplies…
  • …. you got the point. And. You got this!

What Are the Best Uses for a 12x20 Shed?
[Top 5 Uses Revealed]

12x20 Sheds For Sale In Tn
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Are looking at the purchase of a new shed as a white canvas of possibilities, however, you have yet to decide on its specific purpose?

Or maybe you appreciate the confirmation (you are not alone in this) that your purpose is on the right track for a shed of this size.

If so, the following uses are rated from #5 to #1 of the most common uses for a 12x20 shed.

#5. Tiny “Cabin” Getaway

Your typical tool shed is breaking out of its “toolbox” nowadays. And a 12x20 shed provides a space where you can create a little getaway! Just check out what the following shed turned tiny getaway and try NOT to be floored. Are you dreaming of creating a mini guesthouse? A 12x20 shed offers a perfect-sized space.

#4. Mancave or She Shed

Are you ready to carve out a space of your very own? Well, if you are one who enjoys solitude, yet wishes for enough room for special people in your life to join you then a 12x20 shed offers enough space include those favorite [and lucky] people. You can fill the space with couches, a small bar for eating, and bookshelves for filling with your happy, life giving things. Just think 288 feet of space dedicated to your imagination, ingenuity, and loves. You cannot go wrong with a 12x20 shed for a space of your own.


#3. Home Office

Office turned sheds are widely popular these days. A 12x20 shed provides you with plenty of space to create your ideal work setup and productive environment.  Check out the following shed turned home office for inspiration.

Shed Turned into Home Office (just imagine a little more space for your ideal office setup).

#2. Workshop or Hobby Space

Enjoy turning your 12x20 shed into a hobby space and/or workshop. A 12x20 shed is large enough to be shared with your hubby or with two purposes. Check out the following 12x20 workshop shed and see how the shed was transformed into a workshop.

12X20 Shed turned into a workshop.

#1. Storage Shed

Storage is the winner! Whether it is your seasonal décor or your favorite motorcycles, storage is one of the most popular uses of a 12x20 shed. If you enjoy harnessing some easy organizational tips for your 12x20 shed, check out the following video!

Easy Organization Tips for a 12x20 Shed

Do I Need a Permit for a 12x20 Shed in Kentucky?

Yes, a 12x20 shed does require a permit to be legally set in your backyard. In fact, any structure over 200 square feet requires a permit. Since a 12x20 shed is 240 square feet plan on acquiring a permit prior to the purchase of your new shed.

The process of requiring a permit for your shed is usually simple and straightforward.

If needed, check out New Detached Accessory Structures and Garages for additional information as well as contact info for beginning the process.

What is the Average Price for a 12X20 Shed?

How much does a 12x20 shed cost? The average price for a basic 12x20 shed that is painted ranges between $3, 970 – $4,650. Additional special customizations may increase the final price.

Choose Your Ideal 12x20 Shed & Style Now

The Quaker Shed – Starting at $3,965

Transom windows, shutters, and a flower box will add character to your storage structure. Additionally, consider a solid color or other unusual hues for your door to make it stand out. With an asymmetrical roof and attractive overhang in the front, these Quaker-style outdoor storage sheds give an architectural flair to your backyard. To learn more, call (270) 726-7948.

A-Roof – Starting at $4,490

For a location to store and secure your garden tools, lawn care equipment, and supplies, backyard appliances, and more, choose the A-roof storage structure. This structure is ideal for a basic storage box in your backyard retreat area that is both functional and decorative. The A-roof is not as steep as a more deluxe building however it is designed to please the eye.

Deluxe Barn – Starting at $4,350

Our outdoor storage structures are built to last. Our storage sheds are built to withstand the elements of wind and rain for years to come. The base is built of rot-resistant pressure-treated wood. Quality 2x4s wrapped in T1-11 wood siding sits atop this strong foundation. The roof is then shingled with 25-year shingles, and the sides are painted with high-quality, long-lasting paint. As a result, long-lasting wood storage shelters are created.

The Lancaster – Starting at $4,650

The Lancaster Shed’s roof pitch is the most noticeable. It does, however, have a number of optional shed features that can be added upon request. Windows, shutters, dimensional shingles, a ridge vent, a shed cupola, garden vents, full-view doors, transom shed windows, and more are among the possible options. The shed dormer with a window is the most impressive option. This adds diversity to the roof pitch and breaks up the monotony. These sheds for sale in Lancaster have a lot of promise.

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