Storage Sheds For Sale In Auburn, KY

Welcome to Southern Outdoor Furniture in Auburn, KY, A dealer for Overholt & Sons Sheds and Storage Buildings. We are proud to offer top-notch customer satisfaction and high-quality production. As a small local business, we take pride in serving our community and providing personalized service. We’d love to have you visit any of our sales lots or our central manufacturing facility. Get a free quote for your portable building project online now. Choose Southern Outdoor Furniture, where quality and community matter.

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Portable Structures Styles In Auburn, KY

A-Roof Portable Structures

a roof shed for sale in ashland tn

Overholt Storage Solutions builds wood sheds in KY and is proud to introduce the A-Roof Storage sheds for sale in Auburn, KY. It’s not just a regular storage shed. Designed with a modern touch, these high quality sheds spruce up your outdoor space with a sleek look that matches current styles. The A-Roof design lets you have ample storage without sacrificing style so you can easily keep your pool and garden tools in order. Try personalizing your A-Roof storage unit with our interactive 3D Design Tool today!

Barn Style Portable Structures

8x10 barn style portable structure for sale

Looking for a simple yet stylish storage solution? Check out the Barn Storage Building by Overholt, now available at Southern Outdoor Furniture. This affordable shed offers ample storage space and a traditional, clean look for your backyard. Its unique gambrel-style roof adds character while maximizing interior space. A decorative and valuable addition to your property. For more ideas, explore our blog post on 30 garden shed ideas.

Quaker Style Portable Structures

Quaker garden shed in ashland tn

Add charm to your backyard with the Quaker Storage Building from Southern Outdoor Furniture. This stylish storage shed features transom windows, shutters, and a flower box. Customize with a solid or unique color door to make it stand out. The Quaker-style design boasts an asymmetrical roof and elegant front overhang, elevating your outdoor space..

Lancaster Style Portable Structures

lancaster storage shed in ashland tn

Discover the Lancaster Storage Building at Southern Outdoor Furniture. Its steeper roof offers more space for a larger loft, providing extra storage in your shed. With a unique and decorative look, this building can be fully customized to meet your needs. Create the storage building of your dreams with endless options for customer satisfaction. Contact us today to explore our range of outdoor structures.

Two-Story Portable Structures

two story shed for sale in auburn

The Two Story Storage Barn has its specialty right in its name. Two stories of space to store gardening and pool equipment and still have room for a workshop. The limits are endless with this specialty storage barn. Available up to 32’ in length, you can never go wrong with that much extra storage space. Convert it, into an office, a living space, or even a small house. This Storage Building can fit any of your needs in Auburn, KY!

Deluxe Barn Portable Structures

10x12 deluxe barn shed for sale in ashland tn

The Deluxe Barn Storage from Overholt Storage Solutions provides added benefits compared to the regular barn storage model. It boasts a spacious interior and a stylish exterior, making it the perfect wood storage shed for those who want both capacity and class. Moreover, Overholt gives you the chance to customize it further – you can choose the finish, roofing, and even the placement of doors and windows. Grab your customizable storage shed now!

Garages For Sale in Auburn, KY

Overholt Storage Buildings provides enduring and robust prefab garages in Auburn, KY, crafted with care and superior materials. As specialists in constructing garages, we present an array of dimensions and designs, ranging from single-vehicle spaces to expansive two-tiered structures. You can further personalize our garages with a selection of windows, doors, and sidings to complement your residence’s aesthetic. You can also check out this article on how portable garages make vehicle storage easy and affordable!

Overholt Storage Buildings offers durable and strong pre-made garages in Auburn, Kentucky. These prefab garages are carefully made using high-quality materials. As experts in building portable garages, we have a variety of sizes and styles available. You can choose from single-car garages to large two-story garages. You also have the option to customize your garage with different windows, doors, and siding choices to match the look of your home.

A-Roof Prefab Garage 

a roof style portable structures

Overholt Storage Buildings introduces the portable car garage – a cost-effective option for those wanting a quality garage. This model stands out with its unique roof shape, attractive windows, and pre-installed doors, making it a great addition to any outdoor area in Auburn,KY. Even though it’s one of our smaller models, the A-Roof Garage provides plenty of room for parking and storing items.

Deluxe Barn Prefab Garage 

barn style garages

We’re excited to introduce a two-in-one solution from Overholt Storage Buildings. Our top-quality barn-style pre-made garage gives you a place for your car and extra room for stuff like tools or garden supplies. Whether you’ve got one car or two, our garages are perfect for parking and storing things in Auburn. Want to know more or place an order? Give us a call at 270-726-7948.

Lancaster Prefab Garage

lancaster style garage

Improve your outdoor area with Overholt Storage Buildings’ modern pre-made garage – highlighted by a stylish extension, special transom window, and sleek rooftop ornament. The Lancaster Outdoor shed doesn’t just look good; it offers plenty of room to protect your car and other items. Its flexible style makes it a perfect fit for any backyard, adding a contemporary and refined flair. Interested or thinking of buying? Contact us or get a free estimate todayon this premium outdoor structure!

Two-Story Modular Garage

two story modular garage

Discover the flexibility of Overholt’s two-story modular garage with a loft! You can create a comfy space upstairs or make it your own unique work area. The ground floor offers ample room, ideal for cars, DIY projects, or keeping your stuff. Got questions or need ideas? Overholt’s got your back! Call us at 270-726-7948.

Cabins For Sale In Auburn, KY

14x24 lan cabin1

Have you ever thought about having a custom-built modular cabin? Check out the charm of Overholts quaint prefab cabins for sale. Whether you position it in a calm natural setting or create a snug hideaway in your garden, these cabins in Auburn, KY guarantee relaxation and pleasure. Our two styles of cabins are the Lancaster Prefabricated Cabin and the A-roof small cabin. See what we have to offer today, or get a free quote! For ideas on how you can use your cabin check out this article on How To Turn A Prebuilt Cabin Into A Haven.

Gazebos For Sale in Auburn, KY

gazebos in ky for sale

Take your storage to the next level and boost your property’s overall value with Overholt Storage Buildings’ prefab gazebos in Auburn, KY. The sharp design of the gazebo brings out the best in the looks of your property, offering shade and a spot for gatherings with friends and family. Look no further than Overholt Storage Buildings to help you find the perfect fit for your backyard. Thanks to the portability of a gazebo made in KY, you can conveniently position them to fit seamlessly into your landscape.

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backyard gazebo

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