Find The Perfect Portable Building In Hendersonville, TN

At Overholt Storage Buildings in Hendersonville, TN, We make great storage spaces that are perfect for you. Our buildings are very strong and can handle any weather, so they will stay in good shape for a long time. If you need a small shed for your tools, a bigger workspace, or a spot to keep lots of things, we have options that match what you like and what you can afford. You can come to our place or ask for a free price quote today.

Portable Structures Styles In Hendersonville, TN

A-Roof Portable Structures

a roof storage sheds for sale in hendersonville

We’re Overholt Storage Buildings, and we have some great A-roof storage sheds in Kentucky. These sheds aren’t just for keeping stuff protected; they also make your backyard look cool and modern. The A-roof design gives you lots of room and looks nice. You can use it to keep your pool and gardening stuff organized. If you’re in Tennessee and want a wooden shed, you can make your own A-roof storage shed with our 3D Building designer tool.

Barn Style Portable Structures

barn shed storage sheds for sale in hendersonville

If you’re in Hendersonville and need a neat storage option, consider the Barn Shed from Overholt Storage Buildings. It’s affordable and has plenty of space for all your things. It also adds a stylish and neat touch to your backyard with its special roof style. This unique roof design makes the inside space even more practical. So, why not enhance the appearance of your property and get this handy storage solution today?

Quaker Style Portable Structures

quaker storag shed for sale in hendersonville

Give your Hendersonville, TN, backyard a makeover with the Quaker Storage Building from Overholt Storage Buildings. This shed is all about adding some extra flair to your outdoor area. It has nice windows, shutters, and even a flower box. You can customize it by picking a solid or a special color for the door to make it stand out. The Quaker-style shed has a unique slanted roof and an elegant overhang in the front, which will make your outdoor space look even more attractive.

Lancaster Style Portable Structures

Discover the Lancaster shed at Overholt & Sons in Hendersonville, TN! This shed has a steeper roof, which makes an extra storage space upstairs. You can make its special and lovely design fit your own style. There are many options to choose from, so you can create the shed you’ve always wanted, making sure you’re happy with it. Get in touch with us today to see all the outdoor structures we have.

Two-Story Portable Structures

Hello from Overholt Storage Buildings in Hendersonville, TN! We’re thrilled to introduce our fantastic Two-Story Storage Barn. It’s great for your gardening tools pool stuff, and even has a handy workshop space. This unique storage barn comes in various lengths, up to 32 feet, so you have lots of room to use. You can make it suit your needs, whether you want to use it as an office, living space, or a comfy small home – you can do a lot with it! Whatever you have in mind, our versatile Storage Building is here to assist you.

Deluxe Barn Portable Structures

Overholt Storage Solutions’ Deluxe Barn Storage in Hendersonville, TN, is a step up from ordinary barn storage. It’s roomy inside and looks terrific on the outside, making it the ideal wooden shed for those who want both space and good looks. You can also personalize it by picking the finish, roof type, and where you want the doors and windows. Don’t pass up the opportunity to have your very own tailor-made storage shed!

Garages For Sale in Hendersonville, TN 

At Overholt Storage Buildings in Hendersonville, TN, we make really strong and long-lasting prefab garages. We’re experts at building garages, and we offer various sizes and designs, from small one-car garages to large two-story ones. You can customize our garages to match your home by choosing the windows, doors, and siding you prefer. If you’re interested, you can also read an article about how portable garages can make storing your vehicles simple and budget-friendly!

A-Roof Prefab Garage 

At Overholt Storage Buildings, we have an A-roof prefab Garage that’s a budget-friendly option for a portable car garage. It has a special roof design, nice windows, and doors that are already in place. This garage can make your outdoor area in Hendersonville, TN, look better. Even though it’s a bit small, it offers enough room for your car and extra stuff.

Deluxe Barn Prefab Garage 

We’re excited to share a helpful choice at Overholt Storage Buildings. Our fantastic barn-style prefab garage does double duty: it’s a place for your car and a storage space for your belongings. Whether you have one car or more, you can park them and store your tools or gardening stuff in Hendersonville, TN. To get more info or order, just give us a call at 270-726-7948.

Lancaster Prefab Garage

Enhance your outdoor area with the prefab garage from Overholt Storage Buildings. It has a cool design with a stylish window and a charming cupola on top. But it’s not just about looks; it offers plenty of space to keep your car and stuff safe. You can place it in any backyard, and it will make it look fantastic and stylish.

Two-Story Modular Garage

Discover how useful Overholt’s two-story modular garage with a loft can be! The upstairs can be a cozy guest room or your own workspace. The downstairs has lots of room and can serve as a parking area, a crafting space, or storage. If you have any questions or need ideas, don’t hesitate to call Overholt at 270-726-7948. We’re here to help!

Cabins For Sale In Hendersonville, TN

Have you ever thought about having your very own prebuilt cabin home? Well, here’s some exciting news from Overholt Storage Buildings in Hendersonville, TN! Whether you want to place it in a peaceful natural spot or create a cozy retreat in your backyard, our cabins are all about comfort and enjoyment. We offer two styles: the Lancaster-style cabin and the A-Roof small cabin, each with its own unique charm. Take a look and see which one you prefer! And if you need ideas for what to do with your cabin, check out this article on How To Turn A Prebuilt Cabin Into A Haven.

Gazebos For Sale in Hendersonville, TN

Add some summer excitement and improve your property with Overholt Storage Buildings’ ready-to-use gazebos in Hendersonville, TN. These gazebos have a classic look that’s perfect for enjoying the relaxed summer atmosphere. They offer shade and a nice place to unwind with your family. We can help you choose the right style, and because they’re easy to move, you can put our gazebos anywhere in your yard. Our Gazebos are made in TN but available through a dealer near Hendersonville, TN!

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