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The A-Roof

The A-roof prefab garage has some unique features that some of our other car garages do not. For example it has a roof overhang. This gives it more class and is great for a situation where looks really matter. However that does not limit its usefulness. It is a roomy structure and can easily park your car out of the weather as well as keep your tools dry. Call us today at (270) 726-7948.


The Deluxe Barn

Are you looking for a roomy car garage? The deluxe barn prefab garage is big enough to store a car and yet have plenty of space above or on the side for storage for lots of other things. With this structure there is no need to have both a garage and a storage building because it can serve both purposes at once. You can even use it as a one car garage or a two car garage plus tool storage on the side.


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The Lancaster Garage

If you are looking for style in your car garage, then this Lancaster style building is a great option. It surpasses our other prefab garages both in beauty and attractiveness. It is designed to spice up your home (with its stylish overhang, transom window and cupola) as well as serve practical purposes. It is a classy way of keeping your valuable car out of the weather. CALL US at (270) 726-7948. 


The Two Story Garage

Are you ready to go all out with a prefab garage or storage building? The TWO STORY PREFAB GARAGE works well to use the downstairs as a garage, shop, storage area and more and the upstairs as living quarters or an an office. Of course there are numerous other possibilities. CALL US at (270) 726-7948 for more info to get started with two story car garage.

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Prefab Garage Uniqueness

These prefab garages are are very similar to our storage sheds but with some alterations. The most obvious difference is the big overhead door. We use the basic framework of the storage building and make it much more friendly for storing cars. This means a garage is much more accessible and easy to enter in to with your car. It can also mean that storing ATVs or other bigger pieces of equipment is much easier. This makes for a much more versatile and useful building. You can use it for much more than simply storing your stuff.

The uses are quite broad. The possibilities includes:

  • tool storage
  • lawn and garden equipment storage
  • garden supplies storage
  • automobile parking
  • farm supplies storage
  • small office
  • corner for yourself

For more ideas check out our garage design ideas page to help you along.

Whatever your needs are we are here to help you find the outdoor building that you need. We can even help you brainstorm and find more ideas and thus a better solution to your current needs. Contact us anytime during our business hours and we will be glad to help.

Not sure what you need?

Our storage building line includes storage sheds, prefab cabins, kids’ playhouses and even chicken coops and horse barns. We will try to help you find what you need .Even if we do not have what you are looking for we can try to point you to where you can. It is our pride and joy to help you find what fits your storage needs.