Top 10 Advantages of a Backyard Shed

Crash! The pile of storage you had hoped would fit on the already overloaded garage shelf finally bit the dust. As you look around the twisted pile of dysfunction, you inwardly groan and berate yourself for once again putting off the need to invest in an additional storage space like a backyard shed.

Garage Storage
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Backyard Shed With A Ramp

If this scenario describes your current situation, you are not alone. There are many homeowners whose storage has outgrown their garages or attics. Below are three reasons why this scenario is a common human experience.

  1. Time – we aren’t born into this world with boxes of storage strapped to our backs. Storage accumulates with age, responsibility, and the addition of family members.
  2. Broad Interests – Our interest in hobbies are usually broader than time allows, consequently we end up storing away our hobbies for a later date. As we develop more interests the unfinished projects get the back burner in our storage spaces and accumulate unnoticed.
  3. Collections – we (some more than others) tend to be sentimental with our things. We collect a lot of “important” stuff. “Collections allow us to relive our past times such as our childhood or a time period we felt strongly about.”  Hence, the accumulation.

A Backyard Shed, the Answer for Every Storage Need

For whatever the reason you may be considering investing in a new storage space, allow these following advantages of a backyard shed, to empower and secure your action of making that necessary and smart organizational move. You have a right to enjoy that functional and carefree life afforded by the possession of proper storage spaces. Your storage doesn’t own you. You are the boss of your storage.

A Backyard Shed’s Advantages…

1. Improves the Look of Your Yard

Landscaped Yard with backyard shed

Age before Beauty may apply to some life scenarios, but for sheds beauty has a lot to do with its longevity. No one wants an old, run down structure in their backyard. It’s what we refer to as an eye sore. Aesthetics matter when it comes to purchasing an outdoor structure. A beautiful and skillfully built backyard shed will be an eye catcher on your green lawn. There are many unique and attractive sheds on the market and the addition of one in your backyard will complement and enhance your outdoor landscape.

2. Protects your Equipment and Supplies

Storage Shed Filled With Gardening Tools. Beautiful Green Botani

A backyard shed provides a specific location for your important garden, woodworking, mechanical etc. equipment and supplies. Why not keep your lawnmower, weedwhacker, rake, and shovel in one easy and accessible space? No one wants their costly investments to rust or be damaged by unintentional neglect that comes with having “too much” in “too little” of a space. A backyard shed offers protection from traffic, neglect, weathering, and unwanted human touch.

3. Increases the value of your property.

Backyard Shed In Small Space

Owning a backyard shed is a win-win situation for the value of your property. A quality backyard shed not only looks spectacular, but it also increases the value of your home. It’s reassuring and inspiring to know that if you invest in a quality shed it will unequivocally pay off in the present and future of your home.

4. Extends Your Living Area.

Backyard Shed Converted To She Shed
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You may wish you had a basement or another bedroom in your house, but the costs are too high.  Good news, a backyard shed is one affordable and fun way in which you can expand your living space. This particular advantage is exploding in popularity as backyard sheds are being transformed into stunning she sheds or cozy mancaves.

5. Claims a Space for a Workshop or Hobby

Computer Room In Backyard Shed
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Do you work from home?  Do you enjoy potting, gardening, sewing, woodwork, etc.…? If so, a backyard shed allows you to claim a much-needed space for your work or hobby. There is nothing quite like the feeling that comes with being surrounded by nothing, but what you need or love to focus on!

6. Provides Safety

Chemicals Stored In Backyard Shed
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The last thing you want your little toddler to do is to get his hands around your sharp tools, outdoor chemicals or, who knows, to try to take a ride on your motorcycle or lawnmower. Sheds provide safety for the people that matter the most to you by holding those necessary, but dangerous everyday items out of harm’s way.  

7. Reduces Clutter

Decluttered Backyard Shed
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We hate this “C” word, but there are solutions for this unfortunate reality. The idea of de-cluttering can feel so overwhelming…where do I even start?! Backyard sheds give you a fresh place to jumpstart your organizational goals. “A place for everything and everything in its place!” Having specific spaces for your items helps prevent clutter from accumulating. A shed in your backyard provides you with just those spaces! There are many helpful organizational tips for making your shed the King of optimal storage.

8. Offers Durable Reliable Storage

Overholt Backyard Shed

You can count on your quality backyard shed to stick around for a long time. Sheds have a great reputation for holding up against the forces of nature, such as rain, wind, snow, humidity, and heat. Of course, it is important to recognize that the durability of your shed coincides with the quality and honesty of your shed dealer.  Take special caution in deciding from which shed company to purchase your shed. A quality backyard shed will fortress your valuables and expensive equipment for years to come!

9. Budget Friendly

Cash For A Backyard Shed
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Money speaks louder than…pretty much anything! And most backyard sheds fall into the “budget friendly” category of long-term storage solutions. Especially compared to its storage counterparts, such as self-storage units and portable garages.  

10. Improved Quality of Life

Beautiful Backyard Shed

This is a real advantage to owning a backyard shed. Because when you own a shed that’s beautiful, reliable, and promotes order and safety in your life, you will have less stress and anxiety. Satiate your skepticism by taking a moment to read this article which reinforces the improved quality of life that can be realized by your shed purchase.

In Conclusion

There you have it, the top 10 advantages to owning a backyard shed. But don’t just take our word for it, discover these advantages for yourself! Take a moment to browse our backyard sheds. There is a perfect backyard shed waiting to fit your exact need! Remember you are the boss of your storage and you deserve a stress free and happy life!