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Coronavirus: Overholt & You

In a nutshell: We will continue to serve you, our customers, while taking all precautions for the safety of one and all. You can continue to plan and even purchase your structure from the comfort and safety of your home. Read the post for more information and suggestions.

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Top 10 Advantages of a Backyard Shed

Top 10 Advantages of a Backyard Shed Crash! The pile of storage you had hoped would fit on the already overloaded garage shelf finally bit the dust. As you look around the twisted pile of dysfunction, you inwardly groan and berate yourself for once again putting off the need to invest in an additional storage [...]

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Enhancing Your Green Thumb and Your Potting Shed

Enhancing Your Green Thumb and Your Potting Shed Sheds have broken free from their stereotypical box. Nowadays sheds offer a wide variety of possibilities and opportunities for their actual use and function. It is an exciting reality that your dream hobby’s center of creativity can be just a stone’s throw away from your house. For [...]

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How to Prepare for a Storage Shed

If you’ve considered buying a storage shed but don’t know where to start, congratulations! You’ve already begun the first step in the process: research. Here at Overholt Storage Buildings, we have over 25 years of experience in the shed business. We’re here to walk you through every step of the process of choosing a shed, [...]

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Eight Reasons to Buy a Horse Run-In Shed

As a horse lover, you always have your horses’ good in mind. Does your horse need a horse run-in shed? Let us count the ways! Not only can a run-in shed provide convenient shelter for your horse, you can also combine it with much-needed storage for your food, tack, and supplies. First things first: what [...]

2020-08-04T10:28:46-04:00August 13th, 2018|Blog|1 Comment