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Outdoor Storage Solutions

Here at Overholt Storage Buildings, we believe we have the perfect solution for you. Why? Because our assortment of outdoor storage solutions are sure to fit your need, whether you need space for a few odds and ends or space for the family automobile. Let’s look at the types of Outdoor Storage Solutions we have available.
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Turn a Prebuilt Cabin into a Haven (12 Ideas)

Our team at Overholt & Sons can provide you with your own little lodge to stow your gear and settle in for a vacation, whether it’s just for a few days–or a few weeks! You can make our prebuilt cabins reflect what you love, too. We’ve scoured the internet for innovative features and furniture you can add to make your cabin work hard for you. Here are 12 of the best.
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30 Garden Shed Ideas

We, at Overholt & Sons, have done some research to gather some of the best garden shed photos out there. From our hours of looking, we have compiled a list of 30 exceptional and interesting photos. We set them apart, not as the only ideas and photos, but as some of the best.
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Utility Sheds Facts, Sizes, & Features

Are you looking for a utility shed? Utility sheds can offer you so much including meeting your storage needs and providing room for you to try other creative ideas. Check out our blog on our utility sheds and discover the unique features that you can have on your utility shed.
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Top 10 Advantages of a Backyard Shed

Top 10 Advantages of a Backyard Shed Crash! The pile of storage you had hoped would fit on the already overloaded garage shelf finally bit the dust. As you look around the twisted pile of dysfunction, you inwardly groan and berate yourself once again putting off the need to invest in additional storage.
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How to Enhance Your Green Thumb and Your Potting Shed

Enhancing Your Green Thumb and Your Potting Shed Sheds have broken free from their stereotypical box. Nowadays sheds offer a wide variety of possibilities and opportunities for their actual use and function. It is an exciting reality that your dream hobby’s center of creativity can be just a stone’s throw away from your house.
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Tool Shed organization Tips

Does your tool shed or garage look like this? And are you wishing for something like this instead? Photo Credit: Fine Magazine A shed or a garage can easily become cluttered. Your storage building can become more of a trash & clutter trap than what it was designed to be.
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10 Reasons to Invest in a Garage Shed

In this blog, we want to look at 10 reasons to buy a prefab garage shed. If you’re a homeowner, you already know the challenges of keeping up a property, especially with finding room to store everything.
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