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Welcome to Tim Ashby Wholesale Distributors, A wholesale distributor for Overholt & Sons Sheds and Storage Buildings, in Clarksville, TN. Overholt delivers top-notch customer satisfaction and high-quality production. As a small local business, we take pride in serving our community and offering personalized service. Visit any of our sales lots or our central manufacturing facility. Get a free quote for your portable building project online now. Choose Overholt Storage Buildings, where quality and community matter.

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Storage Building Styles In Clarksville, TN

A-Roof Backyard Sheds

AFrame sheds for sale in Clarksville TN

Overholt Storage Buildings presents the A-Roof Storage high quality sheds for sale in TN, which delivers more than mere storage shed. With the A-Roof Structure, you don’t compromise on space while ensuring a stylish look. Organize your pool and gardening essentials with ease. As a builder of wood sheds in KY , Overholt allows you to customize your A-Roof storages shed using our 3D Building Designer now!

Barn Style Portable Buildings

barn sheds in

Discover the Barn Shed by Overholt, now available at in Clarksville, TN. This stylish and affordable shed provides ample storage space with a traditional, clean look for your backyard. The unique gambrel-style roof adds character while maximizing interior space. A valuable and decorative addition to your property.

Quaker Style Garden Sheds

Quaker prefab sheds in

Add charm to your backyard with the Quaker storage shed from Overholt. This stylish shed includes transom windows, shutters, and a flower box as additional options. Personalize it with a solid or unique color door for a standout look. The Quaker-style design showcases an asymmetrical roof and elegant front overhang, elevating your outdoor space.

Lancaster Style Prefab sheds

lancaster style storage building for sale in

Explore the Lancaster Storage Building at Tim Ashby Wholesale Distributors. Its steeper roof allows for a larger loft, providing extra storage space in your shed. This building boasts a unique and decorative look and can be fully customized to suit your needs. Create the storage building of your dreams with endless options for customer satisfaction. Contact us today to explore our range of outdoor structures.

Two-Story Portable Sheds

2-story sheds from overholt and sons in Clarksville TN

Introducing the Two-Story Storage Barn sold by Tim Ashby Wholesale Distributors in Clarksville, TN. As the name suggests, it offers two stories of space to store gardening and pool equipment while leaving room for a workshop. The possibilities are endless with this specialty storage barn. Available up to 32’ in length, you can never go wrong with that much extra storage space. Convert it into an office, living space, or even a small house – this versatile Storage Building can fit any of your needs!

Deluxe Barn outdoor sheds

deluxe barn portable shed for sale in

The Deluxe Barn is a wood storage shed by Overholt Storage Buildings offers more than its counterpart, the standard barn storage. With its larger dimensions, roomy inside, and elegant outer design, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking both space and sophistication. And while the premium barn storage already stands out, Overholt allows for an array of personalization choices, from handpicked stains and roof materials to unique door and window locations.

Garages For Sale in Clarksville, TN 

Overholt Storage Buildings provides enduring and robust prefab garages in Clarksville, TN, crafted with care and superior materials. As specialists in constructing garages, we present an array of dimensions and designs, ranging from single-vehicle spaces to expansive two-tiered structures. You can further personalize our garages with a selection of windows, doors, and sidings to complement your residence’s aesthetic. You can also check out this article on how portable garages make vehicle storage easy and affordable!

A-Roof Prefab Garage 

a-frame modular garage in

Overholt Storage Buildings presents the A-Roof Prefabricated Garage – an affordable choice for those seeking a portable car garage. With its distinct roof design, eye-catching windows, and ready-to-use doors, this model enhances the look of any outdoor space in Clarksville, TN. Despite being one of our more compact designs, the A-Roof Garage offers ample parking space while also accommodating your needs.

Deluxe Barn Prefab Garage 

barn style portable garages for your backyard in

We are proud to offer a solution that serves two purposes with Overholt Storage Buildings. Our premium barn-style premade garage offers both vehicle parking and storage space. Whether you have a single vehicle or a couple, you can conveniently park and also store your equipment or gardening items in Clarksville. For further details or to place an order, reach out to us at 270-726-7948.

Lancaster Prefab Garage

Lancaster style movable garage in

Enhance your outdoor space with Overholt Storage Buildings’ inspired prefab garage – featuring a chic overhang, unique transom window, and elegant cupola. This structure isn’t just about looks; it provides ample space to safeguard your vehicle and personal belongings. With its adaptable design, the Lancaster prefab garage is the the ideal addition to any backyard, promising a fresh and sophisticated touch.

Two-Story Modular Garage

2-story Storage garages for sale In

Experience the versatility of Overholt’s two story modular garage with a loft! Offer friends or family a cozy spot on the top floor or transform it into your personal workspace. The lower level is spacious and user-friendly, perfect for parking, crafting, or storing belongings. Need suggestions or have queries? Overholt is here for you! Reach out now at 270-726-7948.

Pre-built Cabins For Sale In Clarksville, TN

pre-build outdoor cabins for sale in

Ever imagined owning a tailor-made prefab cabin home? Discover the allure of Overholt storage buildings. Whether you place it amidst serene nature or set it up as a cozy retreat in your backyard, these cabins from Clarksville, TN promise both comfort and enjoyment. We offer two styles of prefab cabins, the Lancaster style prefabricated cabin, and the A-Roof small cabin. Each prefab cabin is unique in its own way, so feel free to check out your options! For ideas on how you can use your cabin check out this article on How To Turn A Prebuilt Cabin Into A Haven.

Gazebos For Sale in Clarksville, TN

outdoor gazebos for sale in

Enhance your summer leisure and boost your property’s worth simultaneously with Overholt Storage Buildings’ prefab gazebos in Clarksville, TN. Their timeless design brings out the carefree vibes of summer, offering shade and a spot for gatherings with loved ones. We’re here to guide you in selecting the perfect design. And, thanks to their portable nature, you can conveniently position our Clarksville gazebos to fit seamlessly into your landscape. Overholt is proud to build our Gazebos in KY, but they are readily available at a dealer near Clarksville, TN!

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